Baby bed - fancy or a little more serious?

19 of July '22

Children spend nearly half of their lives in bed. They go to bed early and need many hours to recuperate after a usually eventful day. This is why choosing the right bed will be very important. It should also be remembered that in a child's room it will play a dual role, often becoming a base for creative play.

Łóżko dla dziecka Łóżko dla dziecka

Bunk beds for baby

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Beds with storage

Children's rooms are a kingdom of toys. So it is worth thinking about buying a bed that would have the ability to slide drawers with bedding and toys under it. The simplest solution will be a piece of furniture on high legs, so that large boxes or baskets can fit under it.

A very interesting solution are beds on low mezzanines, which are accessed by a ladder. They are somewhat similar to those bunk beds, but in the lower part instead of a mattress we have space for play, where cabinets, drawers, shelves or a small table with a pouffe have their place. Sometimes the lower part is a special playhouse, with doors and windows, or a low tent is set there.

Łóżko dla dziecka

A bunk bed is every child's dream

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Bunk beds

Abunk bed is every toddler's dream. It is useful both in the room of siblings and for an only child, who, after all, may occasionally host his friends. It is a great idea to use a small space.

The frame can be made of wood, metal or plastic. Beds have the option of separating them into two separate ones if necessary and placing them on one level. There are bunk beds designed for two or even three children. Some models have the possibility of installing a slide, which makes it easier to descend, or rather, slide down from the upper level. This is, of course, an additional attraction, but at the same time it takes up a lot of space.

When choosing such a bed, it is important to remember that children have unpredictable ideas, so the furniture must be stable and safe. The height of the railings and the width of the spacing of the rungs will be important here. However, the most important issue is to assess whether our child is too young for such an attraction.

Łóżko dla dziecka Łóżko dla dziecka

Bed for a small child and a slightly older child

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Beds with fantasy

Young children are extremely creative. They are eager to turn their beds into flying or floating ships, islands that are a refuge from the sea imagined around them, or a cozy corner of a little princess. So let's meet their needs and think about a bed in a fancy shape or with unusual accessories.

Comfort and versatility

The beds suggested above are solutions for young children. When they grow up and become teenagers, we often decide to replace the furniture. However, it is worthwhile to anticipate this obvious change right away and opt for longer models. Remember that comfort will also be determined by the right choice of mattress.

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