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BREEAM certificate for Atrium Oliva - ALLCON's latest investment

02 of April '22

The latest investment by developer ALLCON - Atrium Oliva - has received the international BREEAM Interim certificate. Of the 77 certified residential developments in Poland, only three of them, including Atrium Oliva, received a high rating exceeding the 60% threshold. This is only the second project in the Tri-City to be recognized by BREEAM experts.

Atrium Oliva's high rating is the result of an ambitious and comprehensive approach to the development, which takes into account, among other things, ecology, sustainability, residents' well-being and social responsibility. BREEAM analysts analyzed in detail every stage of the project, from the selection of the plot to the construction process. Once the project is put into operation, a validation of the certificate is planned.

Best location

Oliva is a unique place on the map of the Tri-City. This will be admitted by anyone who has been here at least once and tasted the marriage of old buildings with the eye-pleasing and respite-giving lush greenery of the Tri-City Landscape Park or Oliwa Park. Being in the heart of a large agglomeration, here we feel like in a small town where almost everyone knows each other.

© Allcon

Close to everything

A major advantage of the Atrium is quick access to stores, restaurants, services and medical facilities. According to the "15-minute walk" principle. In close proximity to the investment is the largest business center in northern Poland - Olivia Business Centre and the campus of the University of Gdansk.

Atrium's developers created a so-called "Travel Plan", which made it possible to evaluate the investment in terms of the existing transportation infrastructure and the possibilities arising from it for future users. The Travel Plan addresses aspects of vehicular traffic, bicycle traffic, pedestrian traffic, alternative modes of transportation, as well as the existing and planned infrastructure and transportation network in the city. The benefits of implementing the Travel Plan are to minimize the negative impact of vehicular transportation on the environment, increase the share of alternative modes of transportation and increase pedestrian traffic, and improve the comfort and health of users.

© Allcon

For cyclists, special storage areas for single-track vehicles and racks have been provided, as well as an additional lane on the exit ramp," mentions Anna Maj, ALLCON marketing manager. - Atrium Oliva will also feature a public charging station for electric vehicles. As an additional option for customers who request it, it is possible to install their own charger next to the parking space.

Innovative design

ALLCON's innovative way of thinking about the creation of Atrium Oliva assumed close cooperation of professionals from different fields, who together design functional apartments, an interesting block and its surroundings. Architects from Roark Studio, together with the investor's experienced team, found non-obvious solutions to facilitate everyday life, foster ecology and good neighborly relations. The heart of the premise will be an off-road lowered patio, which, following the pattern of atrial houses, has been enclosed with intimate buildings. This is where neighborhood life will naturally take place, according to research and analysis.

© Allcon

Our greatest satisfaction comes from providing the right answer to the needs of future residents. We try to design with them in mind, imagining a variety of scenarios for their lives. We are convinced that Atrium Oliva will be the right choice for those who like to enjoy the amenities of an urban lifestyle, while at the same time wanting to experience the benefits of a neighborhood's serene leisure activities. The estate is a combination of urban, metropolitan character - at the interface between the estate and the surroundings - and an intimate, quiet place where one can breathe inside the establishment," says Jakub Bladowski, president of Roark Studio.

Caring for nature

For the creators of Atrium Oliva, it was very important to introduce ecological solutions. The complex will implement a system to prevent waste of rainwater, so as to avoid problems with overdrying. Sensors have been installed in the soil to monitor water levels.

A prime example is the tools in the trash room that will help segregate garbage. Among them are crushers for cans, bottles, etc. It will also be a brilliant excuse to teach the youngest residents how easy and fun it can be to take care of nature. Especially since they will grow up in a beautifully designed green space, which will include space for birds and insects.

© Allcon

Betting on light and energy

Even before Atrium Oliva was built, an analysis of access to daylight was conducted. It applies to living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and kitchens. The method of analysis according to BREEAM is to calculate a Daylight factor in each room, which is based on a grid of points spaced every min. 25 cm. The measurements are compared to average values recommended by BREEAM.

Another major advantage of the investment is that it meets the highest energy standards. Atrium buildings are as much as 30% more energy efficient than the standard requirements. The building has introduced master meters on each connection and separate metering for residential and commercial units. In addition, energy-saving and efficient elevator systems have been installed. LED lighting, an inverter with energy regeneration function and traffic volume analysis were used.

Betting on good materials

Atrium Oliva used legally sourced FSC-certified wood for, among other things, windows and veneered doors. Materials covered by an EPD environmental declaration were used. An LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) informing which elements have the greatest positive and negative impact on the environment was also used.

In addition, the Atrium has installed photovoltaic panels and awnings on the top floors. Additional management systems with home and building automation have also been invested in.

© Allcon

Openness and security

Screens will be placed in common areas such as elevators and lobbies. The administrator will be able to send real-time messages to residents displayed on screens mounted in the elevator and common areas. This will ensure that residents will always be up to date with what is happening on the estate.


In today's reality, we should pay more and more attention to the quality of the product, its impact on the environment and our well-being. Deciding to buy a certified investment, such as Atrium Oliva, is a guarantee that we are buying a real premium apartment, whose high standard is confirmed by international, independent experts.

For more information, visit the company's ALLCON page on the A&B portal.

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