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Austrotherm opens factory in Grodkow

25 of May '21

Austrotherm has opened a modern polystyrene foam plant in Grodkow. This is the third plant besides Oświęcim and Skierniewice where thermal insulation materials for the construction industry will be produced. The plant uses the latest and unique production technologies on the Polish market, state-of-the-art machinery and advanced automation, digitalization and production safety systems from renowned Polish manufacturers.

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The new plant will employ 50 people, residents of Grodno and neighboring communities. The factory is also a solid support and impulse for the development of the labor market economy in the Opole region.

Concern for the highest quality of products is part of Austrotherm's routine operations. We know that good quality with regard to both products and customer service is always at a premium. Our efforts are appreciated by customers, which is why the demand for our brand's products is growing year after year. Recently, demand has been affected by the government's program to fight smog and significant increases in energy prices. Also, record-breaking throughput in residential construction was an important signal for us to increase our potential in the form of a new plant. We hope that it will allow us to meet the needs of all existing and potential customers," says Anna Spiewak, CEO of Austrotherm.

Jerzy Płonka, vice chairman of the board, adds:

The area on which the factory was built is 2.5 hectares. The production hall, equipped with equipment from Polish manufacturers, will allow us to take on a larger number of orders than before, without worrying about the timing of their completion. Thefirst trucks of polystyrene foam left the factory in Grodkow, in March 2021.

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Austrotherm Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of top-quality polystyrene foam for comprehensive thermal insulation and thermal modernization of buildings. The company is part of the Austrian Schmid Industrie Holding group. The entire Austrotherm group employs a total of 1,100 people at 23 plants and in 11 countries, with a turnover of €343 million at the end of 2020.

Due to the epidemic situation, the official opening of the plant was canceled.

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