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What does an architect have in common with a superhero? The first lecture by Maciej Franta is behind us

28 of April '23

What power does architecture have? What does an architect have in common with a superhero? What is at the heart of design? How to achieve success in the profession? We could learn the answers to these and many other questions during the first lecture by Maciej Franta of Franta Group at the Faculty of Architecture at the Cracow University of Technology. Meetings under the slogan ROAD TO PROFESSION are organized as part of the A&B Academy. For those who could not be with us in Krakow, we invite you on May 11 to Gliwice at the Faculty of Architecture of the Silesian University of Technology for the second meeting with an architect.


On April 27 at the Tadeusz Kosciuszko Faculty of Architecture at the Cracow University of Technology in the building of the Conference and Exhibition Pavilion „Kotłownia”, students met with Maciej Franta, a graduate of WA PK, who since 2010 leads the increasingly successful Franta Group studio.

Wykład Macieja Franty na Politechnice Krakowskiej odbył się w Pawilonie Konferencyjno-Wystawowym „Kotłownia”

Maciej Franta's lecture at Krakow University of Technology was held in the Conference and Exhibition Pavilion „Kotłownia”.

photo: Lubomir Nikolov

The architect, who lives in Chorzow, spoke about what design is, the connections between architecture and mass culture, the cosmos and.... superheroes. We learned what hidden power architecture has and that design is about thinking first.

Otwarty wykład dla studentów i studentek

open lecture for male and female students

Photo: Lubomir Nikolov

Od lewej: redaktorka naczelna A&B Małgorzata Tomczak, prodziekan WA PK prof. Tomasz Kozłowski, architekt Maciej Franta Maciej Franta na Politechnice Krakowskiej

from left: editor-in-chief of A&B Malgorzata Tomczak, vice-dean of WA PK prof. Tomasz Kozlowski, architect Maciej Franta

photo: Lubomir Nikolov

The architect also talked about his professional path and latest projects. Among other things, we learned about the design history of Żorro with a green heart, the award-winning Villa Reden, the huge project to expand the SPA in Ustroń Zawodzie, on which Maciej Franta is working together with Robert Konieczny (KWK Promes), and the Cuore chair.

Architektura i inspiracje kosmosem

architecture and space inspiration

photo: Lubomir Nikolov

Wykład Macieja Franty na Politechnice Krakowskiej, publiczność

Maciej Franta's lecture at the Cracow University of Technology, audience

photo: Lubomir Nikolov

During the meeting there was also time for questions. Students asked for tips on what they should focus on when looking for a job in the profession. What encourages studios to hire them?

The basis is a good portfolio and creativity. It is important to be able to think, because designing is thinking first," replied Maciej Franta.

Po wykładzie był czas na pytania

After the lecture there was time for questions

photo: Lubomir Nikolov

And how not to lose enthusiasm in what you do?

The architect's profession is thinking 24/7—it never gets boring. It is like a puzzle game. You should design in harmony with yourself, work with people who love what they do and want to leave something good behind," the architect summed up the meeting.

Architekt Maciej Franta

architect Maciej Franta

photo: Lubomir Nikolov

The meeting at the Cracow University of Technology was the first lecture in the ROAD TO PROFESSION series organized as part of the A&B Academy, which has been operating for years. Its goal is to educate beyond the institutional framework of universities. Participants have the opportunity to learn the secrets of the profession through contact with active architects and female architects, who emphasize the practical side of the profession.

Każdy z uczestników otrzymał najnowszy numer A&B, torbę i pakiet wydarzeniowy

Each participant received the latest issue of A&B, a tote bag and an event packet

photo: Lubomir Nikolov

We also encourage you to see the coverage on A&B's Instagram, and if you couldn't be with us in Krakow nothing lost! Another opportunity to meet Maciej Franta and learn the answer to, among other things, the question of the power of architecture already on May 11 at 10.00 am at the Faculty of Architecture of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice (Building X, Auditorium, 10 Fr. Marcina Strzody Street, 44-100 Gliwice). Admission is free! Event packages await participants and attendees.

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