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BELLA PLAST - finishing profiles for thermal insulation systems

23 of February '22

Finishing profiles necessary for the proper implementation of facades using the BSO and ETICS methods

The system of building insulation BSO (seamless thermal insulation composite system), ETICS (external thermal insulation composite system) popularly known as the "light-wet" method - using thermal facings such as polystyrene and mineral wool - is the most common and still - in terms of economy - the most attractive method of insulating external walls of buildings.

Bella Plast BP11 HTS
bonia trójkątna PVC - NOWOŚĆ

Bella Plast BP11 HTS triangular PVC bonia - NEW


The Bella Plast company has been a leader in the production of finishing strips and profiles for thermal insulation systems for over 25 years.


Bella Plast finishing profiles ensure technically correct termination and fusion of the layers of the system in places where there is an edge, i.e. an area where all layers of the system end: thermal facing, glass mesh, glue and plaster. The profile is designed to securely weld these layers together, without the possibility of delamination in the future. Otherwise, any edge, deprived of the Bella Plast finishing profile, will be a place - where, as a result of weathering , the destruction of the facade will begin. This process, unfortunately, can proceed extremely rapidly, sometimes one season is enough for cracks and damage to the plaster structure to appear.

Bella Plast BP15
listwa dylatacyjna elewacyjna PVC typu E.

Bella Plast BP15 type E PVC facade expansion joint strip.


The basic edges in the BSO facade include: the joint between the plaster and the window frame - here we use expansion joint strips (BP13 series), any elements (shapes) protruding outside the facade such as: balcony, terrace, bay window or bay window. Balcony, terrace, oriel, or most commonly: the lower end of the facade over a receding plinth - here we install drip caps (BP14 series), then any corners: around windows, doors, or the corner of the building - here we use reinforcing angles (BP10 series) and more specialized profiles: system expansion joint (BP15) or (BP16 angle) at the location of the course of the division of buildings (set on separate footings) or when the horizontal span of the facade exceeds 15m. And many, many others, including decorative rustication strips (BP11), decorative imitation sheet metal "on the seam" (BP19 - NEW) or finishing facade strips (BP22) used at the border of the change of plaster grain and/or its color.

For more information, visit the company 'sBELLA PLAST Jastrzębski i Wspólnicy Sp. K. page on theAiB portal.

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