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Bicycle bridge in Siekierki with viewing platform - MXL4 project

23 of December '21
Technical data


Poland, Siekierki

Design unit:

MXL4 Architectural Office.


Tomasz Maksymiuk, Aleksandra Cegielska


Wojciech Kujawski


Ewa Palacz


West Pomeranian Voivodeship Landscape Parks Complex.

Competition design:




General contractor:

INTOP Skarbimierzyce

The bridge in the West Pomeranian town of Siekierki has received a new function and appearance. The project for the renovation of the structure was carried out by MXL4 architects from Szczecin. The bridge was renovated, completed and adapted to its new function - a pedestrian and bicycle bridge.

Thebridge in Siekierki-Neurüdnitzwas adapted for pedestrian and bicycle traffic as part of a program to build a network of bicycle routes in the West Pomeranian region. The investor is the West Pomeranian Voivodeship Landscape Parks Complex, and the facility itself was subsidized by the InterReg program. The facility has a cross-border character and is being built in partnership with the German side, which is adapting the western part of the crossing. The project is scheduled for completion in June 2022. The bridge runs over the floodplains of the old river bed of the Oder, belonging to the Cedynia Landscape Park. Part of the site is included in the Natura 2000 program.


The architects of MXL4 studio primarily sought to preserve and emphasize the original historic structure of the bridge. They assumed no interference with the shape of the bridge spans - they decided to leave the spans unchanged. A two-story viewing platform was placed on the bridge. This solution was proposed instead of the viewing platforms planned by the investor at the level of the bridge.

Schemat mostu

diagram of the bridge

© MXL4


The viewing platform is stylistically distinct from the bridge - the material used in it, corten sheet metal, has a brick color, distinguishing the new part from the historic one. It was located on the extreme western span of the bridge, forming the representative part from the Polish side. The platform has two floors, tries to expose the most interesting view directions and allows not only to contemplate local nature, but also creates a meeting space.

most w Siekierkach od
strony polskiej

The bridge in Siekierki from the Polish side

© MXL4 | photo: Anna Nowokuńska |


The main purpose of reconstructing the bridge, was to create a bicycle route. It was made of composite panels with high resistance to weather conditions and mechanical damage. The manufacturer guarantees a fifty-year warranty. The stairs and sections of the paths have been covered with aggregate resin, allowing safe movement in wet weather, so that the stairs will also be safe during rain and winter. To increase safety, reflective elements have also been introduced to make it easier to navigate the bike path after dark.

In addition to the platform at and on the bridge, there will be bicycle racks and benches that can be used. Due to the cross-border nature of the project, there will be a " friendshiptable " on the bridge where people can sit down and relax - it is intended to be a place to connect Poland and Germany.

platforma widokowa

viewing platform

© MXL4 | photo: Anna Nowokuńska |

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