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Boho style in investment projects. Indonesian-Belgian Bazar Bizar lamps

22 of August '22

Boho style in interiors - Bazar Bizar lamps in the offer of Pufa Design

When discussing boho style in interiors, most talk about furniture and accessories. Meanwhile, extremely important in investments for this type of arrangement is lighting. Boho lamps are original, sometimes surprising, and allow the architect and architect to realize many creative design concepts.

Boho is the most democratic, cosmopolitan and politically correct style in interior fashion. It will accommodate both a "crude" Scandinavian table or a Persian rug, as well as a handmade bedspread, indulgent figurines, a jug from a great-grandmother's house or an African mask. It is important that all these elements - together and separately - please the occupant, so that they build a zone of cozy, casual comfort for him. That's why natural materials and craftsmanship are so important. It is also good if the item has a "soul", which is created by the memories associated with it (when it is a souvenir brought back from a trip or associated with family) or pleasant associations (when the thing simply comes from the nearest store, but we ourselves wrap it with a net of good associations). Boho is not just an aesthetic choice - it's a lifestyle. That's why it is so important that the interior maintained in this arrangement is properly lit.

Abażury Bazar Bizar

Bazar Bizar lampshades


From Indonesia, through Belgium, to Poland

Boho style products are offered by many brands, but it is worth noting one that has made this style its flagship. We are talking about the Belgian brand Bazar Bizar, created by a married couple - lovers of design and distant travel. During their travels, Pascale Pelsmaekers and Eddy Roothaert had a special love for Indonesia and Balinese craftsmanship, which became the inspiration for a series of lamps (made in Indonesia itself, by the way). They can be found in the offer of the Polish store Pufa Design.

Abażur wiszący „The Shaggy” z kolekcji Bazar Bizar Abażur wiszący „The Wicked” z kolekcji Bazar Bizar

Hanging lampshade "The Shaggy" from the Bazar Bizar collection | Hanging lampshade "The Wicked" from the Bazar Bizar collection -.


The lampshades of these lamps are made (braided, woven) from natural materials such as rattan, seagrass and pandan - a material extracted from the leaves of an Indonesian plant. Table lamps have bases made of terra cotta, or fired, unglazed clay. Most designs, however, are simply lampshades that can be used in pendant or standing lamps. To create the former, you'll need Bazar Bizar wires, in cotton braid, perfectly suited to the natural beauty of boho lamps. Suspensions of up to three or five lamps allow you to hang them in a group, which gives fantastic effects in a large living room, but also, for example, in a cafe - the boho style, although mainly associated with residential interiors, will work wherever the investor and architect wants to achieve a cozy effect and create a homely atmosphere.

Lampa wisząca „The Whipped” z kolekcji Bazar Bizar

Pendant lamp "The Whipped" from the Bazar Bizar collection


Flower over the table, jellyfish under the ceiling

Bazar Bizar lamps available at Pufa Design have fanciful shapes referring to the natural world (floral The Whipped, jellyfish-like The Sky, The Squid like a sea creature) or products of Asian craftsmanship (such as rattan The Shaggy, which "pretends" to be an exotic grass skirt, The Kendi and The Flacon, imitating the shapes of clay pots). There are also more "traditional" forms (in our European perception, of course), simply associated with lampshades(The Paraguas, The Seagrass). There are several sizes, but it is worth paying attention to the largest lampshades, which, especially in the interior of a restaurant, cafe, hotel lobby, will focus attention and sometimes even "do" the arrangement. For example, the Whipped lampshade in XXL size is one meter high and has a diameter of as much as one and a half meters. Woven from rattan, it will create a wonderful transparent structure.

Abażur wisząct „The Bottle” z kolekcji Bazar Bizar

Hanging lampshade "The Bottle" from the Bazar Bizar collection


Boho lighting is dominated by the natural shades of the materials from which they are made, but lampshades are also sometimes dyed (usually black). Manufacturers, however, encourage customers to paint lampshades themselves in their favorite color - simply with spray paint (which allows even more personalization). Maintenance of Bazar Bizar lamps is simple; you just need to remember a few rules, such as protection from moisture, and avoiding chemicals. A cloth, sometimes water with a little dish liquid, should be enough. All these features make Bazar Bizar lamps an ideal choice for interior designers and their clients.

Lampy wiszące „The Squid” z kolekcji Bazar Bizar

Pendant lampshade "The Squid" from the Bazar Bizar collection


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