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25 of August '23

Riello's TAU N boiler is the winner of the 2020 Archiproducts Design Award, awarded by the Italian platform Archiproducts for exceptional design, innovation, originality, or environmental impact in the construction category. TAU N is a condensing three-pass stainless steel boiler for burner operation - what makes it different?

The boiler was created by Riello brand designers and technologists. Technological knowledge and innovation are the two pillars that underlie the efficiency, performance, ease of use and reliability of each technological solution introduced by the manufacturer.

Kocioł TAU N

TAU boiler N

© Riello

Thestanding condensing boiler with a large water capacity is designed for installation in a boiler room: it is suitable for heating and hot water production in combination with a suitable gas burner (also available from Riello). All boiler components in contact with combustion products are made of titanium-reinforced stainless steel.

It was designed on the principle of heat stratification, which means that the combustion chamber was placed at the top and the tube bundle at the bottom (smooth tubes with removable turbolators). This solution optimizes heat transfer and energy efficiency, resulting in high efficiency in condensing technology. Another advantage is the ability to compensate for thermal expansion. To reduce heat loss, high-density glass wool mats were used for thermal insulation of the boiler body, casing and front door.

Kocioł TAU N, wnętrze

TAU N boiler, interior

© Riello

Another important aspect is that the unit is easy to operate and can be brought into the room where it will be installed, which was achieved thanks to a vertical design with a panel housing on models up to 1450 kW.

On the other hand, the 2100-2600 models have been developed on a "square" plan with a single shell to maintain a high water capacity and at the same time ensure maximum efficiency. In addition, the front door and combustion chamber closure can be opened completely, allowing for easier inspection, maintenance and cleaning of internal parts, as well as reduced time for service inspection.

Key features of the TAU N boiler:

  • large water capacity,
  • large combustion chamber,
  • double return connection (low and high temperature),
  • titanium-stabilized stainless steel flame tubes with removable turbulators,
  • high insulation on the body and front door.

Kocioł TAU N, przekrój, spalanie

TAU N boiler, cross section, combustion

© Riello

Combustion chamber with large volume and surface area - why is this important?

The material used for the combustion chamber is AISI 321 - EN 1.4541: austenitic stainless steel stabilized with titanium. Titanium is a material that differs from AISI 304 and gives better mechanical properties at high temperatures. The addition of titanium makes the steel insensitive to intergranular corrosion and suitable for use in chemical industry equipment operating at temperatures from 450°C to 900°C, exhaust manifolds of endothermic engines, pressure vessels, welded structures, more specifically, boiler bodies and equipment for the petrochemical industry, compensators.

Kocioł TAU N, przepływ

TAU N boiler, flow

© Riello

TAU N boiler is adapted for combustion of natural gas, LPG and light desulfurized oil (S < 15 ppm). They can also be operated with non-sulfurized light oil in non-condensing mode. The use of a special design of flame tubes - "smooth tube", allows easy cleaning of the boiler, low pressure drops on the flue gas side and the effect of "self-cleaning" are other features that distinguish the Riello boiler on the market.

Kocioł TAU N, detal procesu spalania

TAU N boiler, detail of the combustion process

© Riello

Burners from the world leader - the Riello brand

TAU N works with Riello brand burners - premix type, or fan burners with low NOx emissions, such as the RS/E BLU burner series covering the power range from 44 to 2400 kW. These units are based on Riello's electronic cam, which uses independent servo motors to adjust the air/fuel ratio to achieve excellent power control and ensure proper combustion and safe operation in any modulation range. The system can operate in two modes: "two-stage progressive", or alternatively, in "modulation" mode with a dedicated probe installed.

Choosing the RS/E BLU burner series, you get a guarantee of high efficiency for a variety of applications (including paint chambers, baking ovens, heaters and central heating boilers.). This solution reduces fuel consumption and operating costs. Riello also offers versions designed to work with Variable Speed Drive technology, which is based on the control of a frequency converter that modifies the air flow by changing the speed of the motor. The special design of the air intake duct and built-in sound-absorbing material guarantee optimization of sound emissions.

Kocioł TAU N, przekrój

TAU N boiler, cross-section

© Riello

The manufacturer also offers the RIELLOtech Clima Comfort programmer, which is the best choice for controlling boiler operation. The programmer controls: operation of a single-stage or two-stage burner, boiler cascade, 1 direct circuit, 1 circuit with mixer and DHW circuit without additional accessories. The panel is suitable for vertical or horizontal installation.

About Riello Group

The Riello Group was founded in 1922, more than 100 years ago, and is now a leader in heating and air conditioning products and services. Riello operates in more than 120 countries, while the company is headquartered in Legnago, Italy. Riello is part of Carrier, a leading global provider of innovative HVAC, refrigeration, fire protection, security and building automation technologies.

For more information:

  • about the Riello Group: visit the Riello website,
  • about the company's more than 100-year history, watch the video,
  • about the Riello brand in Poland and product portfolio, visit the profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn - Riello Poland.

For more information, visit the company's RUG RIELLO Urządzenia Grzewcze S.A. page on PdA.

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