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Design that changes the world - the SAVE toilet bowl! by Laufen is ahead of the era

26 of February '21

A collaboration between Austrian design studio EOOS, Swiss research institute Eawag and Laufen with financial support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has resulted in the development of the pioneering SAVE! toilet. It's an innovative solution for the future that aims to be part of a larger system of sustainable water and wastewater management, with an eye toward protecting the planet.

The new SAVE toilet! Is the first toilet that separates urine. SAVE! meets all industry standards for traditional toilets and represents a breakthrough in the pursuit of an efficient and hygienic sewage separation process that is invisible to the user. The innovative sanitary solution is thus tailored to the needs of the 21st century - a design that changes the world.

The way we dispose of waste has changed little over the centuries and is now a significant cause of the planet's environmental problems. According to a number of studies conducted by leading scientists, excessive levels of nitrogen - present in wastewater and fertilizers used in agriculture - are even more dangerous than increases inCO2 emissions and climate change. It is necessary to rebuild the infrastructure associated with the treatment of used water, which is currently the main pathway for nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) and micropollutants (hormones and medical waste) to enter surface waters. Previous efforts to remove these pollutants have made wastewater management very expensive, environmentally burdensome and energy-intensive.

A diagram of how the SAVE bowl works!

© Laufen

SAVE! uses the simple laws of physics - natural gravity, by which urine is separated from solids and water. This allows them to be treated in systems such as Vuna's wastewater management solution, which is quick, easy and organic. The most important innovation here is the urine siphon developed by the EOOS studio, which leads the urine to a concealed drain using only surface tension. Laufen has applied this concept to a new toilet design with a ceramic bowl whose shape has been optimized to direct the flow of water. Easy interface maintenance and hidden high-tech innovations make SAVE! is indistinguishable from other high-end toilets. It's a new format of a familiar solution that meets industry requirements and could play a key role in wastewater management in the future.

diagram of how the installation works in a building

© Laufen

The SAVE! concept has already been recognized and awarded. Internationally recognized Wallpaper magazine has recognized the SAVE! concept by awarding it with the Design Awards 2020. This prestigious honor is a validation of the Laufen brand's commitment to a project that revolutionizes the approach to our environment and the development and future of our planet.

You can read about exactly how the SAVE toilet works! can be read on the website here.

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