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Building Tomorrow: training for architects

01 of June '22

Creating innovation requires a bold vision of the future

{Creating household products in the spirit of sustainability,
Miele} has always gone a step further for 120 years - doing what no one has dared to do before.

Building Tomorrow is a project aimed at architects who want to create with Miele today the projects of tomorrow, incorporating intelligent solutions and innovative equipment. The training courses held at Miele Experience Centers are a good opportunity to learn about the capabilities and functionalities of the equipment, as well as a prelude to fruitful long-term cooperation.

Część teoretyczna spotkania w Miele Experience Centers

Theoretical part of the meeting at Miele Experience Centers


Training sessions are open to architects from studios and design studios, as well as independent designers. The several-hour meeting is divided into a theoretical part, conducted by an experienced trainer, and a culinary workshop with a chef.

Część praktyczna - warsztaty kulinarne z szefem kuchni

The practical part - a cooking workshop with a chef


In intimate groups of several people, everyone has a chance to see for themselves how the equipment works, and which of them will best meet the needs of investors - both in terms of functionality, available space and budget.

Training sessions are invited to Miele Experience Centers in Warsaw, Gdansk, Katowice and Poznan.

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