Walk-In Cabin P/Spacewall-XL

10 of March '21

Walk-In Cab P/Spacewall-XL

Walk-In P/Spacewall-XL cabin of Space Wall series is elegance and functionality in XL edition. The custom height of 225 cm is a solution for tall rooms. A large sheet of glass combined with a chrome wall profile that levels the curvature of the wall and a round bracket is the full practicality of the shower area. Additional advantages of the Space Wall shower enclosure are the Glass Protect glass surface modification and the towel or bathrobe hanger, with which the bracket is terminated. Easy cleaning, as well as minimalism of form and full functionality are the hallmarks of the Walk-In cabin. Even in the event of a change in the arrangement of the bathroom, we will not be forced to change the cabin, as it is characterized by universality. The modernity of the Walk-In solution is a good way to create a place for showering.

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