The way to a bathroom from SANPLAST

The way to a bathroom from SANPLAST

Relaxation, tranquility, serenity, relaxation. It all comes down to a common denominator - the bathroom. For this reason, the room should be polished in every way, and the products placed there, of the highest quality.



Whether you have a small, medium, large, long, narrow or huge space, its arrangement affects the atmosphere and stimulates the senses. SANPLAST S.A. offers solutions for the large and the small. A timeless and attractive bathroom can be perfectly arranged.

Small bathroom, big possibilities

A small bathroom is perceived stereotypically. With such a project, what matters is good use of space. This room can surprise, both with its style and equipment. The style is left to the individual choice of the customer, because we know that everyone has their own tastes and sense of aesthetics.

Kabina narożna na
bazie dwóch kabin typu Walk-In serii TX5b i wspornika przelotowego © SANPLAST

Corner cabin based on two TX5b series walk-in cabins and a through bracket


Shower, sink and toilet - this is what standard bathroom equipment looks like. Standard, because in many apartments, we often simply cannot afford a large bathroom. Both shower and bathtub solutions will work well in small rooms.

Both equipment do not have to take up much space at all - there are both bathtubs and cabins in smaller sizes - so this is the most comprehensive solution.

Large bathroom, home bathing room

A large bathroom gives a lot of freedom in its design. Here we are limited only by our imagination. We can place in it both a free-standing bathtub, a wall-mounted bathtub or a shower cubicle of any size. It all depends on your taste and preferences.

A bathtub is quite a treat for lovers of long baths. One of the most interesting proposals, gaining more and more popularity is, the free-standing bathtub. Placing it in one's bathroom makes it the center of our space and determines later decisions on the placement of other appliances and accessories.

Kabina Walk-In serii
Altus IIa z brodzikiem serii Open Structure Mineral i wanną serii Luxo © SANPLAST

Walk-In cabin of Altus IIa series with shower tray of Open Structure Mineral series and bathtub of Luxo series


Bathtubs are produced in a variety of shapes - from round and oval, to rectangular, to unusual and asymmetrical. This makes it extremely easy to arrange your dream bathroom space.

The SANPLAST offer includes products that are not only interesting in design, but also provide full bathing comfort. They will easily blend into the decor of any bathroom.



We can choose from dozens of products, designs and many accessories, which will certainly become a complement to any interior. Fans of shower pleasures can choose from 12 product series, while bath lovers can choose from 13 lines. The individual pieces of equipment are tailored to different types of installation, which allows optimal and effective use of the available space.

The products are ideal for both small bathroom spaces and large bathrooms. A wide product range of bathtubs, shower enclosures and shower trays, as well as accessories, gives the customer unlimited possibilities.

Kabina przyścienna na
bazie kabiny typu Walk-In i ścianki bocznej serii TX5b z brodzikiem serii Open Mineral oraz umywalka Free Mineral © SANPLAST

A wall-to-wall cabin based on a walk-in cabin and side wall of the TX5b series with a shower tray of the Open Mineral series and a Free Mineral washbasin


Such a comprehensive offer and many years of experience in the industry make Sanplast SA a specialist in its field. Thanks to the brand's products, decorating a bathroom becomes easy and convenient.

Creating your dream bathroom does not have to be difficult. It is worth your time and careful planning of this room. After all, this is a decision for years. Let's remember that all the decor should harmonize with each other and provide full functionality, because it is the priority in this room.

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