Sanplast products for every area of the bathroom

The bathroom living room is one of the most important living spaces for each of us. Smaller or larger - it does not matter - the most important thing is that it meets the expectations and needs of each user. The Sanplast brand's offer includes bathroom furnishings that fit into almost any interior design - from the more classic to the modern and even loft style!

Bathroom equipment

The basic equipment of any bathroom is a shower cubicle with or without a shower tray, alternatively a bathtub, a toilet, a washbasin and additional accessories that make it easier for us to use the previously mentioned ones. Those who have a little more available space can afford to install a shower enclosure and a bathtub at the same time. However, for those who have a small bathroom, a shower and bathtub zone is also achievable - the simplest solution for them - is a bathtub screen. All these products can be found in the Sanplast range.

Kabina prysznicowa czterościenna kompletna z brodzikiem serii BASIC COMPLETE typ: KCKN/BASIC COMPLETE

Four-wall shower enclosure complete with BASIC COMPLETE series shower tray type: KCKN/BASIC COMPLETE


Showering area

We often ask ourselves - a shower enclosure with a shower tray or a shower enclosure without a shower tray? Both solutions have their supporters. Sanplast designers, as specialists in their field, recommend matching products in such a way that they always form a harmonious whole. When creating a shower area without a shower tray, there are many details to keep in mind - including securing the proper flow of water towards the drain. Shower trays are designed to prevent water from collecting on its surface, while at the same time being a perfect complement to any shower enclosure. That is why it is so important to choose the right model of shower enclosure and shower tray. Sanplast's offer includes a very wide range of shower solutions - from standard rectangular cabins, to semicircular cabins with shower trays and complete four-wall cabins, equipped with a shower tray and shower set, up to Walk-In cabins, which are becoming increasingly popular on the Polish market.

Bathing area in the bathtub

For years, the bathtub has been considered one of the most popular bathroom fixtures. Bathing pleasure in the bathtub provides rest not only to our body but also to our mind. But if a bathtub - what kind of bathtub? Rectangular bathtub is one of the most popular bathtubs available on the market. The dimensions of these bathtubs in Sanplast's offer fit both smaller bathrooms and large bathing rooms. They are offered in single- or double-walled versions. When we want to save a little space in the bathroom, we can choose the appropriate size of asymmetrical bathtubs. Even the smaller ones provide comfortable bathing. Another option is symmetrical bathtubs, which provide plenty of bathing space. Unusual solutions often attract the most attention, but we lack the courage to apply them in our interiors. Trapezoid and hexagon are rarely associated with a bathtub, and these are shapes that interior designers often reach for. Selected trapezoidal bathtubs offered in the Sanplast portfolio have one side beveled to provide the possibility of installing a sink or toilet right next to the bathtub. Another unique shape are 6-angle bathtubs. They offer many design possibilities - they can be installed in a corner, with the longer or shorter side or against a wall. A solution gaining in popularity are complete bathtubs, that is, bathtubs integrated with a housing and overflow and drainage system. A complete bathtub is one harmonious product, ready for use, the moment it is connected to the plumbing system.

Wanna kompletna przyścienna serii LUXO typ WSPse-kplmb/ LUXO i kabina prysznicowa narożna zbudowana z dwóch kabin Walk-In serii PRESTIGE typ P/PRIII

A complete wall-mounted bathtub of the LUXO series, type WSPse-kplmb/ LUXO, and a corner shower cabin built from two walk-in cabins of the PRESTIGE series, type P/PRIII


Washing area

An exemplarily decorated bathroom is a combination of functionality with an aesthetically consistent, attractive appearance. There is no room for compromise here - we expect the room to be not only consistent with our aesthetics, but also maximally practically planned and oriented to the needs of its target users. Pandemic time has shown us how important is the washing area in our bathroom. It is worth paying special attention to this aspect. Modern design trends show that washbasins mounted to the wall are being replaced by countertop washbasins. Such a solution in the bathroom looks elegant and stylish. In the Sanplast range you can find a rectangular countertop washbasin with a square or round drain. It is also important that you can opt for a model with or without a hole for mounting a bathroom faucet.

The SANPLAST offer includes products that are not only interesting in design, but also provide full bathing comfort. They will easily blend into the decor of any bathroom. We can choose from dozens of products, designs and many accessories that are sure to become a complement to any interior. Creating your dream bathroom does not have to be difficult. It is worth your time and careful planning of this room. After all, this is a decision for years to come. Let's remember that the entire decor should harmonize with each other and provide full functionality, because it is the priority in this room.

Kabina prysznicowa Walk-In serii ALTUS typ: PI/ALTIIIa z brodzikiem z odlewu mineralnego serii OPEN STRUCTURE MINERAL

Walk-in shower cabin of ALTUS series type: PI/ALTIIIa with shower tray made of cast mineral OPEN STRUCTURE MINERAL series - type: B-M/ OPEN STR, oval bathtub of LUXO series type: WOWse-kpl-mb/ LUXO and countertop washbasin of FREE MINERAL series type: Unbo-M/FREE


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