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Karyna Milchina - Boutique Hotel "Dream of Rousseau"

31 of December '20
Technical data
Type: undergraduate thesis
Year of defense: 2020
Author: Karyna Milchina

Prof. Dr. Elżbieta Pakuła-Kwak, Dr. Joanna Łapińska

What makes a boutique hotel? In the classic sense, it is an elite minihotel, the embodiment of creativity, luxury and exclusivity. Exclusivity and excellent service, whose standards are those of five-star hotels. They have their own style and are always unique. The interior design is unique and each room has its own unique character.

Wnętrze restauracji
hotelu butikowego

colorful breakfast room

© Karyna Milchina

Unlike ordinary hotels, boutique hotels have charm and an intimate atmosphere, the number of guests here does not exceed fifty, usually much smaller. The interior furnishings often include historical furniture and works of art. For those who appreciate quiet, comfort and sophisticated style, this is the perfect place. Boutique hotels are usually located in appropriately adapted historic buildings, such as old tenements, palaces, castles, usually in the city center. They are also often opened in buildings of former factories, museums, workshops, airplane hangars, ships.

Recepcja hotelu

hotel reception

© Karyna Milchina

The first boutique hotels were established in the United Kingdom and the United States in the 1980s and became so popular that their counterparts began to open around the world. The design of their interiors can be modern, more classic, eclectic, as well as inspired by works of art. The difference between a boutique hotel and a regular one lies primarily in bold design solutions and the implementation of innovative ideas. In such a place there will never be a large number of rooms, because the emphasis is on the quality of services offered and living conditions. As a result, prices are always higher in such a hotel.

Rzut parteru
butikowego hotelu

first floor plan of a boutique hotel

© Karyna Milchina

Get lost in the jungle. Inspiration

I wanted to transform the hotel into a real art object, without limiting myself. So I "stripped" the frames from Henri Rousseau's paintings and let them expand, literally permeating all the rooms.

Zielony pokój

green room

© Karyna Milchina

French self-taught painter Henri Rousseau was categorized as a member of the Primitivist movement. He was born in Paris on May 21, 1844, and died of gangrene on September 2, 1910. He worked as a clerk, which is why he was called the Tax Collector, and after taking early retirement due to the death of his second wife, he began to paint pictures, he was forty-one years old at the time. He had been sketching before that. He was able to spend his entire days off from work in the semi-rural suburbs of Paris, making impressionistic sketches. He is best known for painting the jungle, which he never saw with his own eyes, using only his imagination. He could see palm trees in the Jardin des Plantes botanical garden, and drew monkeys, tigers and snakes in the zoo. Later, his imagination put it all together.

Pokój kolorowy
w butikowym hotelu

A colorful room in a boutique hotel

© Karyna Milchina

Rousseau's atmospheric and colorful paintings provide good inspiration for the design of a boutique hotel. Each of them consists of many details that can be interpreted in an interesting way. The characteristic richness of the patterns is just what I am looking for.

The main painting, in honor of which the hotel is named, is "Dream." This is the last painting created by the painter, which is also a summary of his work, and is maintained in a characteristic dark green color scheme. Looking at the work, one can see a lion hiding in the grass, a snake charmer and colorful birds. The melody of the charmer puts the girl lying on the couch to sleep and hypnotizes the animals. Is it the heroine who dreams the picturesque jungle, or is the painter reflecting his exotic dreams?

Pokój niebieski
w butikowym hotelu

blue room

© Karyna Milchina

mix & match

Thinking about the style in which my hotel would be arranged, I almost immediately concluded that it must be a mix & match. Unusual, combining different elements, it perfectly suits the requirements of a boutique hotel. Each interior, made in this style is unique, this is what I want to design.

This trend is popular among bold and creative people. Mix & match is the art of combining man with beauty, creating your own style, your own personality. It involves the clever combination of materials, patterns and colors, gives the opportunity to mix styles, collect contrasting elements. Quirky, unusual classics in a new, modern context, in which it is possible to combine different, including distant eras.

The diploma is published as part of the Best Diploma - Interiors competition.

Karyna Milchina

© Author

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