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Case Study Technopolis Nova - Kingspan Karrier panels

20 of April '22
Technical data
Name: Technopolis Nova
Type: Business center
Investor: UAB Technopolis Ozas
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Studio: UAB Unitectus
Facade cladding: Kingspan Karrier + Agrob Buchtal ceramic tiles.
Ceramic tiles in colors: 407 white, 414 gray, 4230 glossy white
Facade area: 4400 m²
Start of construction: 2019
Completion of construction: 2020

The Technopolis Nova office building was completed in 2021. The space of over 26,000 sqm was designed by Tumas Mazuras and Egle Olisauskyte according to a concept by Finnish architect Jari Lonka. The design idea behind the project was to create a space that allows free movement of people in all common areas. Therefore, the first floor is open to all people. The interior style was inspired by Scandinavian simplicity and natural materials.

The first floor of the LEED Gold-certified building with energy class A+ includes a café, a food and beverage area, a conference center and a cozy room for relaxation and meditation. The second floor of the building is dedicated to smaller offices with shared infrastructure. Tenants on this floor will share a cozy kitchen, modern conference rooms and other meeting spaces. A sports area with regular group activities will also be provided for Nova tenants.

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A key challenge in designing the Nova building's façade was to use different types of cladding with a variety of colors and textures, while maintaining an A+ energy rating. That's why it was important to have a high-performance, load-bearing insulation board that would be suitable for even the heaviest claddings (such as ceramic tiles), easy and quick to install, while still complying with the A+ energy class. Kingspan Karrier was the best solution to meet these challenges.

The end result

Ceramic cladding adds style to the entire building. The tiles look very aesthetically pleasing and light. The key element of the facade - the Kingspan Karrier panel is hidden behind the facade. Kingspan Karrier is not just about looks. Kingspan Karrier relies on durability and speed, and it can be used with any available cladding.

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Product information

Kingspan Karrier is a pre-engineered insulated wall panel, designed and tested to carry the load of the exterior cladding. It can be installed with almost any type of exterior cladding available on the market, including: HPL, ACM, fiber cement, ceramic, mesh or prefabricated aluminum cassettes such as Dri-Design. Kingspan Karrier can be installed in virtually any weather conditions. Available with IPN insulation cores and mineral wool.

  • Comprehensive wall solution
  • Excellent thermal and fire resistance is a modern alternative to traditional multi-component facade systems
  • Kingspan Karrier is all about speed and simplicity. It can be installed in all weather conditions both vertically and horizontally
  • Thanks to its excellent load-bearing properties, it can be installed with virtually any available exterior cladding

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Interview with the architect: Unitectus UAB, Tumas Mazūras

Why did you decide to choose the Kingspan Karrier system for the project?

TM: We were looking for a façade solution that would provide a great appearance and aesthetics, as well as durability. We wanted a universal façade system that would allow the use of different colors and textures of cladding. It was important that the product have a high energy class and certification. Excellent fire resistance was also very important to us. The Kingspan Karrier system successfully met all these requirements and expectations. We were also delighted with the simplicity of the system.

Were there any special requirements or product features of the Kingspan Karrier panel that influenced your decision to use this system on the project?

TM: We chose the Kingspan Karrier system because of its load-bearing capacity. With other sandwich panel systems, the load-bearing capacity was much lower compared to Kingspan Karrier. It would have been impossible to use ceramic tiles, which are relatively heavy. With Kingspan Karrier, ceramic tile cladding can be installed using a special profile system. Kingspan Karrier also met the requirements for thermal and fire safety.

What is your opinion on working with Kingspan Facades during this project?

TM: We have established a very open and friendly business relationship with the Kingspan Facades team.

What do you think of the end result? Did Kingspan Karrier live up to expectations?

TM: The final results met and even exceeded our expectations. The builders had no problems, as the entire façade was extremely simple to assemble, just like a LEGO brick with each piece lying in place. Although we only see the facade cladding on the outside and only the gypsum board on the inside, experts know that reliable, high-performance thermal insulation is installed between the two finishes.

For more information, visit the company's KINGSPAN Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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