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Knauf ecological ceilings

09 of December '21

More and more ceilings compliant with circular economy

Knauf Ceiling Solution
has achieved advanced Cradle to Cradle (C2C) environmental certification for more lines of suspended ceilings. The international certification confirms that the finishing materials are part of a closed loop economy and the idea of building in line with the circular economy. These are the only ceilings in Poland with C2C certification.

Cradle to Cradle (C2C) is currently the most advanced worldwide labeling process indicating that a material or product was made in a closed-loop model. Translated, the idea of C2C is nothing more than a closed life cycle - "cradle to cradle." It means that products are created using components that were obtained through recycling, and the new product will also be reusable. In the era of green building and the real estate industry's shift to operating within a closed-loop economy, architects and builders are increasingly turning to C2C-certified finishing materials. This is also a reinforcement in the process of public buildings or individual offices applying for BREEAM, LEED and Well Building Standard green certification .

More and more C2C-labeled ceiling models in Poland

Knauf Ceiling Solutions has long been the only manufacturer in Poland to launch more lines of suspended ceilings with C2C certification.

We offered the first acoustic interior panels several years ago. But initially they did not arouse much interest. Mainly because just a few years ago there was little talk about the closed loop economy (GOZ)," explains Maciej Sobolewski, manager of Knauf Ceiling Solutions Poland.

Cradle to Cradle (C2C)
dla kolejnych linii sufitów podwieszanych

Cradle to Cradle (C2C) for the following lines of suspended ceilings

© Knauf Ceiling Solution

Today, architects and investors focus not only on ecology, but also on the long life of buildings or interiors, with the possibility of giving them a second life to minimize the negative impact on the environment. Knauf Ceiling Solution is therefore expanding its base of acoustic suspended ceilings labeled with the Cradle to Cradle stamp. The manufacturer has just obtained certification for new models of both mineral and metal ceiling panels. The bronze level of certification has mineral wool panels from the line: Thermatex Acousic Alpha, or Antaris; as well as Armstrong Perla and Ultima+. C2C Silver, on the other hand, was given to metal panels and expanded metal Mesh by Armstrong.

The manufacturer is also the only company in Poland to boast the certification in question for load-bearing scaffolding, on which suspended ceilings are installed. The scaffolding also has recycled material in its composition and can be recycled.

Buildings in which environmentally friendly Knauf Ceiling Solutions ceilings with the international Cradle to Cradle mark have already been installed in our country include the offices of the Warsaw headquarters of PwC arranged thanks to architects from Massive Design, the headquarters of the Domel company in Lomza, Mennica Legacy Tower, the Moxy hotel in Warsaw, the airport in Wroclaw and the Equator office building designed by APA Wojciechowski and completed by Karimpol.

For more information, visit the company 'sKNAUF CEILING SOLUTIONS Sp. z o.o. page on theAiB portal.

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