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Cemex Poland bets on renewable energy sources

19 of October '23

Cemex Poland has entered into a long-term contract with Statkraft for the supply of green electricity from renewable sources, which was confirmed and secured by the purchase of a guarantee of origin.

The contract is based on the cPPA (Corporate Power Purchase Agreement) formula and covers energy supply over a period of 8 years starting January 1, 2025. The commitment is expected to secure about 30% of the annual energy needs of Cemex Poland's plants. Statkraft is a Norwegian-originated, largest producer of renewable energy in Europe.

Sourcing energy from low-carbon sources is part of Cemex's global "Future in Action" strategy to combat climate change.

Under the contract, energy for Cemex plants will be supplied from Polish wind and photovoltaic farms. The agreement with Statkraft is a so-called physical contract, covering the actual energy produced from a specific group of Polish generating units.

The concluded contract is important for Cemex on several levels. The contract ensures stable supply of a large volume of electricity, while securing a guaranteed and predictable price level in the long term. This is of particular importance in the context of the rapid and unpredictable price changes on the European and Polish energy markets recorded in the last several months ," says Tadeusz Radzięciak, Production Division Director, Member of the Management Board at Cemex Poland. - The partnership with Statkraft is crucial in the context of realizing Cemex Group's sustainable development goals. Sourcing energy from renewable sources makes it possible to significantly reduce the carbon footprint through our production facilities, Tadeusz Radzięciak adds.

Deliveries will be made in a "base" band product, which guarantees a stable transfer of constant amounts of energy, every hour of the day, during the contract period. From the point of view of both the generator and the customer, this is currently the most advanced product structure on the market. The contract also ensures greater diversification of Cemex Polska's energy purchase portfolio.

Cemex Polska stawia na odnawialne źródła energii

Cemex Polska bets on renewable energy sources

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As a leading integrator of the renewable energy market in Poland, we at Statkraft believe that we can drive the energy transition while supporting the competitiveness of the domestic industry. A great example of this is our partnership with Cemex Poland, where we provide a green baseload - ensuring a constant supply of energy 24 hours a day, 365 days ayear, based on our local RES portfolio, including both wind and photovoltaic farms," says Pieter Schipper, VP NW European & US Origination at Statkraft.

Poland is the second country in Europe, after Spain, to have this type of contract within the Cemex group.

Cemex for the climate

Sourcing energy from renewable sources is part of Cemex's global strategy "Future in Action." Its goal is to combat climate change by, among other things, reducing carbon dioxide emissions at production facilities.

As part of its activities related to sustainable development, Cemex Poland's product portfolio is consistently enriched with solutions for sustainable construction. The company offers its customers low-carbon Vertua® products - concretes, admixtures, bulk and bagged cements - and, more recently, recycled aggregates.

About Cemex

Cemex is a global building materials company that cares about a better future through sustainable products and solutions. Through continuous innovation and extensive research and development, the company strives to achieve climate neutrality. Cemex is a leader in the economy
of a closed-loop economy in the construction sector, and through the implementation of new technologies, it is also a pioneer in the use of alternative fuels and secondary raw materials in production processes. Cemex offers cement, ready-mixed concrete, aggregates and urbanization solutions in growing markets around the world, and its international team provides high-quality services to customers using digital technologies.

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About Statkraft

Statkraft is the world's leading hydropower company and Europe's largest RES producer. The company generates hydroelectric, wind and solar power, also has flexible gas units and supplies district heating. It employs 5,700 people in 21 countries. In Poland, Statkraft has been operating in the renewable energy trading segment since 2018. The company offers physical and financial PPAs, as well as develops wind farm, solar farm and energy storage projects. Statkraft opened an office in Warsaw in 2022, expanding its operations to include local investment in renewable assets. The company is owned by the Norwegian state and has an A credit rating from S&P. For more information, visit

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