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The decadent art of butterfly seating - the unconventional MOTH chair collection

01 of April '22

Uncompromising form and function - a chair for bold investments

The Moth chair collection
is distinguished by a sophisticated design that combines a Scandinavian (functional) approach to design and a fine (artistic) interpretation of the form of a traditional chair.

Krzesło z kolekcji Moth i lampy Bright Spot - biuro © Pufa Design

Chairs from the Moth collection and Bright Spot lamps - a functional and aesthetic complement to office interior design

© Pufa Design

Scandinavian Tales

Nordic Tales - is an intimate studio specializing in interdisciplinary projects. Noteworthy is their Bright Spot lamp design, which illuminates, among other spaces, the airport in Arthus, Denmark. In the output of Nordic Tales we can find more realizations that attract architects and investors with their bold but, easy to arrange, versatile form. The designers boldly combine different styles of applied art - Modernism, Art Deco, Art Nouveau and the currently popular minimalist Japandi style.

Art history with nature in the background

Moth, or moth, is the only chair to appear in the Nordic Tales portfolio. Jonas Hoejgaard designed it without haste or the pressure of changing trends. Stylistically independent and bold. Being from A to Z an uncompromising realization of the designer's vision. In the shape of the furniture you can see a strong focus on detail and almost perfect refinement of the chair. Moth was inspired by the night butterfly, its shape, symbolism. Many directions in art drew ideas from the world of insects, dragonflies were beloved by Art Nouveau. This means that both the designer and the brand Nordic Tales also look for their inspiration in the rich history of applied art.

Krzesło z kolekcji Moth i lampy Bright Spot - sala konferencyjna Krzesło z kolekcji Moth i lampy Bright Modeco - kawiarnia

Chairs from the Moth collection with Bright Modeco or Bright Spot lamps are perfect for both a serious conference room and a cozy café

© Pufa Design

The success of independent thinking

As for the form of the oak chair, Moth hides a lot of unconventional solutions. The soft and smooth, yet boldly contoured backrest mimics the shape of moth wings. The winged back of Moth determines its uniqueness. On them there are double-sided decorative brass elements (like buttons), the backrest is also impressive from the back. In the places where the chair's frame is attached to the back we have decorative elements filled with cork, which is the only element that does not come from Denmark but from the cork manufacturer of the best French champagne! Color-wise, three shades of Moth wood are available - light and walnut shades of oak and black, while the legs, in addition to green, have recently been available in black.

 Krzesło z kolekcji Moth i lampy Bright Spot - biuro Krzesło z kolekcji Moth i lampy Bright Modeco Family - restauracja

A chair from the Moth collection with Bright Spot and Bright Modeco Family lamps will work well in more subdued lighting in offices and intimate restaurants

© Pufa Design

Butterfly or bar moth?

Moth is a highly utilitarian chair. Nordic Tales, having experience of cooperation in investment projects, has prepared a special model of the Moth chair for orders larger than 30 pieces. It is a version in black oak with black legs. "Night Moth", through its decadent and dark charm, will find itself in this version in the interiors of exquisite types of restaurants. So far, Moth chairs have also been used to furnish conference rooms. In bright and light cafes, pastry shops, ice cream parlors shades of natural oak will work well. As soon as the sun goes down Moth chairs will impressively complement the interiors of clubs, bars, elegant pubs.

The collection of Moth chairs for architectural and development projects is offered by Pufa Design(, an online store and official distributor of the brand for Poland.

For more information, visit the company's Pufa Design page on the A&B portal.
The Pufy showroom is located in Kolobrzeg at 31 Bałtycka Street.

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