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Champagne leisure soothing thoughts with SPARKLE MOOD system

26 of October '23

SPARKLE MOOD is a gently effervescent bath with bubbles, reminiscent of those from a bottle of champagne. The main idea of the designers was to make bathing with the SPARKLE MOOD system a home spa ritual, which will work on each of the senses.

The touch of gentle bubbles gives a relaxing effect. On the other hand, when we dim the lights, the power of colors coming from LED lighting with chromotherapy is released. Sounds, on the other hand, will flow through 2 speakers connected via bluetooth to your playback device. And the scent? - Everyone prefers something different, so we left that choice up to you.

wanna z systemem RIHO SPARKLE MOOD

RIHO SPARKLE MOOD system bathtub

© Riho

Frequent customer inquiries about the possibility of installing a hydromassage system for our acrylic freestanding bathtubs inspired the creation of SPARKLE MOOD - a hydromassage system where air is released from 16, evenly distributed in the bottom of the bathtub, modern Sparkle jets. The system is controlled by a touch panel located on the edge of the tub, and the very quiet motor does not interfere with a good rest in the tub.

wanna z systemem RIHO SPARKLE MOOD

Bathtub with the RIHO SPARKLE MOOD system

© Riho

Touch control panel

The system is controlled by a 3-button touch panel located on the tub's rim. The panel provides the ability to turn on the system, turn on the lighting and connect an external music playing device via bluetooth.

sterownik Sparkle Mood

Sparkle Mood controller

© Riho

Sparkle jets

SPARKLE MOOD jets create small bubbles resembling the carbonating effect of champagne. The air flows out of 16 jets located in the bottom of the tub giving a gentle, relaxing effect. The nozzle is 19 mm in diameter, with a chrome rim and a white center, so it forms a cohesive unit with the bottom of the bathtub.

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