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An archiclass will be created in Chorzów's "Słowak"

10 of May '22

An archiclass will be created at Chorzow University's First High School. What are the main goals of this project? To show the role and value of architecture as an important factor in creating reality and to help young people take their first steps in the architectural world.

basics of fundamentals

The University's Juliusz Słowacki First High School in Chorzów will create a new study circle aimed at people who are interested in architecture and are thinking about studying architecture in the future.

For several years we have been thinking about introducing classes related to architecture. We have such talented and gifted people among our graduates as Maciej Franta, who has taken patronage of this project. The purpose of the classes will be primarily to open the eyes of young people to what architecture is. We would like to show that architecture is a certain vision of the world, and not just calculations and design of buildings," explains the idea behind the creation of the archiclass, Janusz Dubiel,director of Chorzow "Słowak".

chorzow's slovak is the first school in southern poland that has decided to create an archiclass

Photo: Pawel Drozd © CC BY-SA 4.0

what will students learn in the classes?

Archiklasa will be a form of introduction and preparation for young people who are thinking about studying architecture. Students will spend two hours a week in classes on architecture. The lessons will be both theoretical and practical - the organizers are primarily concerned with introducing young people to the world of architecture.

We care more about "education in architecture." As part of the classes, young people will learn and listen about architecture, as well as perform small, simple tasks. Our project is ambitious and we want to implement it in such a way that anyone who thinks about studying architecture will first want to go to "Słowak," explains Maciej Franta, an architect, founder of the Franta Group and one of the originators of archiklass.

The initiators of the project hope that archiklasa will inspire other teaching institutions in Poland to introduce similar programs. A class with an architectural profile operates, among others, at the Hugo Kołłątaj XXI High School in Warsaw, which A&B has covered under its media patronage.

Promoting architecture in this way may prove to be a good way to get young people interested in this unique field. If the archiclass proves to be a success, the school may consider starting work on creating a four-year school profile dedicated to architecture, which primarily requires many years of work and preparation on the technical, bureaucratic and documentation side.

The creation of an archiclass may prove to be an important step toward improving the condition of the architectural profession and spreading knowledge of the unique field of architecture.

elaborated: Wiktor Bochenek

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