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Unveiling the cards. Meet the guests of the spring edition of the Open Architecture Studio Festival

Ola Kloc
10 of May '22

Ahead of us is another long-awaited edition of the Open Architecture Studio Festival! The nooks and crannies of which offices will we visit this time? Who will reveal the secrets of their design methods to us? Reserve your time on June 6, 9 and 10 - spring FOPA is coming!

Broadcasts of the meetings are available on our channels


This is the sixth installment of the festival - an event that has been a companion to the international summits organized by Open Eyes Economy for years - the Value Economy Congress, held in autumn in Krakow, Poland, and, for the second time, the June Urban Regeneration Congress in Lodz, Poland.

Since 2018, we have visited, as part of FOPY, a variety of extremely inspiring studios in Poland, including APA Wojciechowski Architects, medusa group, WXCA or Kurylowicz & Associates, and abroad - we have virtually toured the Stockholm studio Mandaworks and the Copenhagen studio Henning Larsen. What architectural offices will we look into this year?

From Lodz to Gdansk

Over the course of the three festival days, we will virtually visit three architectural studios - two with strong ties to Lodz, the host city of the Climate Regeneration of Cities congress, and one, albeit based in Gdansk, which carries out projects throughout Poland. The meetings will be broadcast online on A&B's Facebook and YouTube channel at 1 p.m. Who will we meet with during the festival, then?

REFORM Architect
June 6, 1 pm

On Monday, we will visit the thoroughly Lodz-based studio REFORM Architekt - a true forge of designs for luxurious and unorthodox single-family houses from under the sign of the unicorn, led by Marcin Tomaszewski since 2010.

The name of each of his projects begins with the abbreviation RE:, and his favorite book about architecture is "The Three Little Pigs" by the Brothers Grimm. Intrigued? You can read more about the studio here.

Design Lab Group
June 9, 1 pm

On Thursday, we will be invited to our doorstep by Łódź specialists in revitalization, conservation and restoration of monuments - Karolina and Maciej Taczalscy from Design Lab Group, a design studio operating since 2010.

Their hobby is what Lodz is famous for in other parts of the country, as for years they have been dealing with post-industrial architecture, big-city tenements and villas and palaces of factory owners. Are you curious about their experience in working with monuments? You can read more about the studio here.

Sikora Wnętrza Architektura

June 10, 1 pm

On the last day of the festival, Friday, we'll move from Lodz to Gdansk, where we'll visit an authorial, unconventional interior architecture studio (and more) sprinkled with international awards and distinctions, led by a professor of the Gdansk Academy of Fine Arts - Jan Sikora.

Operating for over 10 years, Sikora Wnętrza Architektura studio is not afraid of unconventional solutions and bold ideas. A wall made of Lego bricks? Why not! You can read more about the studio here.


The Festival of Architectural Open Studios is a great opportunity to see the work of the best offices from behind the scenes, learn about the design methods of architects and female architects, ask personally about issues of interest. It will be the same this year - we invite you to the spring edition of FOPY and the Urban Regeneration Congress. See you there!


Partners of the event are:


SARP Krakow Branch
SARP Branch Łódź

Ola Kloc

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