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Jerzy Szczepanik-Dzikowski and Jakub Glaz in the series #NEW TRENDS IN ARCHITECTURE.

07 of July '23

LIVE talks from the series

Broadcast of the meeting will be available on our channels


Architect and university teacher, founder of one of the leading Polish studios, which has been active in the architectural market since the political transformation and continues to surprise. Winner of the SARP Honorary Award. Do you already know who will be the guest of the next meeting in the series #NEW TRENDS IN ARCHITECTURE?

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We initiated the series of online meetings #NOWE TRENDS IN ARCHITECTURE last year. The conversations, although conducted virtually, became a unique opportunity to meet with the best artists, researchers and designers, a space to exchange opinions on contemporary challenges and learn from design experiences.

Guests of the series in the first season hosted by Jakub Szczęsny were landscape architect Joanna Rayss, urban planner and urban researcher Kuba Snopek and architect Maciej Franta.


In this year's second season of the #NEW TRENDS IN ARCHITECTURE series, we changed the formula a bit - we moved to a recording studio, where Jakub Glaz talks with invited guests. Professor Romuald Loegler was the first to share his experience with us.

Through open and interdisciplinary conversations we are looking for sustainable solutions and ideas, we are creating the title new trends. We invite you to be a part of them!

In the next episode of the series, onAugust 29 , 2023 at 1 pm, Jakub Glaz, architecture critic and editor of the A&B portal, will meet with Jerzy Szczepanik-Dzikowski of JEMS Architekci studio in the recording studio in Krakow. The conversation will be broadcast live on A&B's YouTube channel and Facebook page. There will be an opportunity to ask questions during the meeting.

August 29, 2023 (Tuesday), 1 pm
Jerzy Szczepanik-Dzikowski and Jakub Glaz

Jerzy Szczepanik-DzikowskiJerzy Szczepanik-Dzikowski - S in the famous acronym JEMS - the name of the well-known Warsaw studio he co-founded. An outstanding architect, respected academic teacher, winner of the Honorary Award of SARP (2002), awarded the Officer's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta (2012) for his outstanding contributions to Polish architecture and his activity for the establishment of the professional self-government of architects.

The JEMS Architekci studio's realizations have been appreciated for years by both the architectural community and users - suffice it to mention the Agora headquarters in Warsaw, the expansion of the Raczynski Library in Poznan, the transformation of Warsaw's Hala Koszyki, the 19. District on a 7-hectare plot of land restored to the capital, the already iconic International Congress Center at the Katowice Spodek, or the Warsaw Brewery, which is winning almost all possible awards.

Jakub GłazJakub Głaz - architecture critic, publicist, animator of spatial activities, editor of the portal and regular columnist of the Architektura & Biznes monthly. Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Poznan University of Technology, who directed his professional path towards the popularization of architecture and efforts to repair cities.

He is a two-time winner of the Journalist Award of the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland, author and curator of many architectural exhibitions, co-founder of the "Open Center" initiative and the Modernist Architecture Festival "New Plan", co-author of the book for children and adults "Common does not mean nobody's" and two series of the TV series "Book of Space". In the film series "Domokrążcy" heshows unique stories of Polish houses and apartments.


Partners of the event # NEW TRENDS IN ARCHITECTURE are:

SARP Krakow Branch

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