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Studio with a plus! JAZ+Architekci in the spring edition of FOPA 2023

23 of May '23

Ahead of us is the next spring edition of Festiwal Otwartych Pracowni Architektonicznych — an event accompanying the Energy Regeneration of Cities congress. We will start FOPA in Warsaw's Ochota district, at the headquarters of the JAZ+Architekci studio, where we will be guided by Julian Żmijewski and Andrzej Jaworski.

Broadcast of the meeting will be available on our channels




We will start the spring edition of Festiwal Otwartych Pracowni Architektonicznych in Warsaw, at the headquarters of the JAZ+Architekci studio (May 29 at 13.00), on Thursday (June 1 at 13.00) we will move to Katowice, where we will take a look at the KWK Promes office, and on Friday (June 2 at 13. 00) we will go to Lublin to admire the unique Landscapes (Krajobrazy) together with Wojciech Januszczyk.

wejście do pracowni

entrance to the studio

© JAZ+Architekci

This time FOPA will also end in Warsaw. We are going back to the roots of the festival and its original formula — the JAZ+Architekci office team, in addition to the online broadcast scheduled for Monday, also invites you to a live meeting — the doors of their studio will open on June 7. Details coming soon.

May 29, 1 pm

The JAZ+Architekci studio has been conquering the Polish market since 2010, and since 2021 it has been operating in three subsets JAZ+Architecture, JAZ+Exhibitions and JAZ+City. They have won many competitions on a variety of scales from small exhibitions through buildings to master plans for entire urban areas. In recent months alone, they have won First Prizes in competitions to develop concepts for the spatial development of the market in Trzebiatów, Family Activity Park in Warsaw's Wawer or Pioneers Square in Kolobrzeg. The interdisciplinary team is made up of nearly thirty people in addition to architects on board JAZ+ are, among others, a stage designer, graphic designer and interior designer.

wnętrze pracowni

interior of the studio

© JAZ+Architekci

What does the "+" in the studio's name stand for? How did it happen that their first project was.... a medieval city? You will have a chance to ask your intriguing questions on May 29, and in the meantime, enjoy a short warm-up!

Ola Kloc: Where did the name of the studio come from

Andrzej Jaworski, Julian Żmijewski: In the beginning we just used JAZ from the names of our founding team. When we realized how important the team is in this profession, we added "+".

Ola: The studio is for us....

Andrzej, Julian: Probably for each person in the team working is something completely different. Especially since at least half of JAZ+Architekci works outside the office. So in a way it is synonymous with the company and the team. And the premises itself is just a pleasant place to work :-).

wnętrze pracowni wnętrze pracowni

interior of the studio

© JAZ+Architekci

Ola: What was your first joint project about?

Andrzej, Julian: Our first joint project was a medieval city. 16 years ago, a certain institution, not very recognizable at that time, called the Museum of Polish History, was looking for "some designer" to do the scenography of a historical picnic. They expected a gate to a medieval castle. In addition to it, they also got: a cathedral, a tower and a market square with streets.

Ola: The dream project is....

Andrzej: I don't think I have a "dream" project. I usually just try to like exactly what we are currently working on. Sometimes I even say enthusiastically: "well, this just happens to be a dream project!". However, I fancy one where you grind out the details already on site in collaboration with specific craftsmen.

Julian: This is the one received and accounted for, and all the ones yet to come.

wnętrze pracowni wnętrze pracowni

interior of the studio

© JAZ+Architekci

Ola: Our favorite design tool is....

Andrzej: Sketches, mock-ups and some form of field checking — prototyping.

Julian: No tool can replace our Team. Thanks to it, every now and then I can make mockups ;-).


FOPA is a companion event to the 3rd International Congress Energy Regeneration of Cities.

Partners of the event are:

SARP Krakow Branch
SARP Łódź Branch

Ola Kloc

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