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Design begins with thinking. Maciej Franta's lecture at the Silesian University of Technology

15 of May '23

How to achieve success in the profession? How to prepare an interesting portfolio? Where does design begin? What is architecture and what is its secret power? Such questions were asked during a lecture by Maciej Franta of Franta Group at the Faculty of Architecture of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. The meeting with students under the motto ROAD TO PROFESSION was organized as part of the A&B Academy.


On May 11 this year at the Faculty of Architecture of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice in the auditorium of Building X, the second lecture of Maciej Franta was held in the series ROAD TO PROFESSION—earlier (April 27 this year) the architect met with students of the Faculty of Architecture of the Cracow University of Technology. You can see an account of the event and a gallery in the article—What does an architect have in common with a superhero?

Liczna publika podczas wykładu

numerous audience during the lecture

photo: Lubomir Nikolov

Lecture at Silesian University of Technology

The Silesian-born architect, who has been running his own studio Franta Group for more than 10 years, spoke about what design is, the connections between architecture and mass culture, the cosmos and.... superheroes. We learned what hidden power architecture has and that design always starts with thinking.

Architecture is a super-secret, highly effective weapon that influences, among other things, people and urban spaces," the lecturer repeated.

Architektura i inspiracje kosmosem

architecture and space inspiration

photo: Lubomir Nikolov

Maciej Franta spoke to the gathered audience in Gliwice:

Silesia has been creating the best architecture for many years. You are in the center, the basin of the best architects in Poland. So you have the responsibility of keeping the level [...]. The best architects have never been discovered. It is your responsibility to show up, to do what you do and to submit to criticism. Architecture is a profession of public trust.

Wykład rozpoczął Prodziekan ds. Kształcenia dr. hab Michał Sitek, prof. PŚ

The lecture was opened by the Vice-Dean for Education Dr. Michał Sitek, Prof. PŚ
from left: Dr. Michał Sitek, Maciej Franta, editor-in-chief of A&B Małgorzata Tomczak

Photo: Lubomir Nikolov

Co ma wspólnego architektura z kulturą masową? Publiczność na wykładzie

what does architecture have in common with pop culture?

photo: Lubomir Nikolov

The architect, supported by a multimedia presentation, also talked about his professional path and successful realizations and latest projects.

We design for people—along with good architecture can follow money and a career. What is important is to be able to convince the investor. Persuading with ideas will be rejected, but if we start showing facts and that architecture can change cities, offices, politicians, then we will gain them [investors—editor's note]. Interesting architecture can be profitable for the investor. If you invest in architecture, not in usable floor space, and spend a lot of time on a good presentation—then you will be successful," the architect argued.

Co ma wspólnego architekt z superbohaterem?

what does an architect have in common with a superhero?

Photo: Lubomir Nikolov

Among other things, we learned about the design history of the „superhero” Żorro. The attributes of this multi-apartment building are the green heart—the viewing terraces and staircase, and the cape—the sequence and balcony surroundings. We could also see the award-winning Villa Reden in Chorzow, which consists of four single-family buildings in a combined development.

While working on Villa Reden, we wondered what, is important for young people in housing? Pleasure—it's just supposed to be fun.

Wykład Macieja Franty na Politechnice Śląskiej

Maciej Franta's lecture at the Silesian University of Technology

photo: Lubomir Nikolov

In the context of the expansion of the SPA in Ustroń Zawodzie, on which Maciej Franta is working together with Robert Konieczny (KWK Promes), the architect spoke about humility, which can help in design.

Idea—design—publication—idea and drawing conclusions.Architecture must respond to the needs of the place and the problems. You have to diagnose how the building will work. At the beginning, design discussions are even philosophical conversations," he stressed.

W trakcie wykładów był czas na pytania z publiczności

during the lectures there was time for questions from the audience

photo: Lubomir Nikolov

During the meeting there was also time for conversation. Among other things, students asked for tips on what they should focus on when looking for a job in the profession. They were interested in how to prepare a portfolio and how to get the best internship.

Maturity of thinking, show in projects an analysis, a path, show initiative [...]. You also need to have the confidence that you want to be an architect, be able to tell and defend your ideas [...]. Hit the best, be guided not by finances, but by the fact that you want to learn!

Architekt odpowiadał na liczne pytania

the architect answered numerous questions

Photo: Lubomir Nikolov

The architect also encouraged people to apply for foreign student exchanges, to take on the challenges of competitions, to „push yourself” to the best studios, because the sooner you start working on the most difficult projects, the sooner you will become a valuable, sought-after employee.

Pełna sala słuchaczy

full room of listeners

photo: Lubomir Nikolov

Dla uczestników przygotowaliśmy pakiety wydarzeniowe z najnowszym numerem A&B

For participants we prepared event packages with the latest issue of A&B

photo: Lubomir Nikolov

An account of the two lectures will be available in the June issue of Architecture & Business magazine. And we already invite you to the next lectures, which will be held in the winter semester 2023/2024.

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