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Urban planning reform. Municipalities can count on big financial support

14 of February '24

Nearly 900 million zlotys—this is how much the budget for the competition to support municipalities in implementing planning and zoning reform will be. The Ministry of Development and Technology has presented a draft of the competition's documentation and announced consultations running until February 22.

The projects can be commented on by all interested local government units and NGOs. The consultation concerns the selection of projects to be covered by non-refundable support from the development plan under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Investment A1.3.1 „Implementation of Planning and Land Use Reform"—Component A "Economic Resilience and Competitiveness.” Specific Objective A1 Reduce the impact of COVID-19 and the effects of the crisis caused by it on businesses).

Consultation is carried out in the form of submissions, in which a comment, a proposal for change with justification and the content of the proposed provision should be indicated. Comments should be included in the form, which is a separate attachment. All necessary documents are available on the website of the Ministry of Development and Technology.

According to the version of the competition regulations presented by the Ministry , municipalities will have the opportunity to finance the preparation and adoption of:

  • general plan of the municipality,
  • municipal revitalization program
  • local spatial development plans.

The plans must comply with the amended Law on Planning and Spatial Development.

As the regulations read—the investment is aimed at supporting municipalities in the preparation of general plans, with the goal that 80% of municipalities in Poland will adopt general plans.

The budget for the tasks comes from the funds of the National Plan for Reconstruction and Increasing Resilience and amounts to approx:

  • PLN 458 million—preparation and adoption of municipal general plans,
  • 94 million zlotys—preparation and enactment of municipal revitalization programs,
  • PLN316 million—preparation and enactment of local land use plans.

The draft stipulates that calls in the competition will be allowed to continue until May 31, 2026.

In addition to the regulations, the Ministry of Development and Technology has published ten appendices, which include, among other things: criteria for selecting projects, model applications and contracts, and lists of maximum amounts of support for the preparation and adoption of a master plan, and a municipal revitalization program for each municipality.

elaborated: Dobrawa Bies

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