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Green Landscapes. Wojciech Januszczyk's studio in the spring edition of FOPA 2023

26 of May '23

We will conclude the spring edition of the Festival of Open Architectural Studios, an event accompanying the Energy Regeneration of Cities congress, in Lublin. There, on June 2, for the first time in the history of FOPY, we will visit a landscape architecture studio - the Krajobrazy office led by Wojciech Januszczyk.

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We will start the spring edition of the Festival of Open Architectural Studios in Warsaw(May 29 at 13:00), at the headquarters of the JAZ+Architekci studio, on Thursday(June 1 at 13:00) we will move to Katowice, where we will take a look at the KWK Promes office of Robert Konieczny. We will end the festival in Lublin, on Friday (June 2 at 13.00) we will visit the Landscapes studio led by Wojciech Januszczyk.

June 2, 1 pm

The team of Lublin-based Landscapes consists of five people. The founder of the studio is Wojciech Januszczyk, a landscape architect famous for his unconventional approach. He is actively involved in improving the climate, caring for space and urban greenery, including during the In Garden festival of garden art and public space organized by the Landscapes Foundation, of which he is artistic director.

realizacja dla firmy SciTeeX realizacja dla firmy SciTeeX

realization for SciTeeX

© Landscapes

Wojciech Januszczyk is also an employee of the Institute of Landscape Architecture of the Catholic University of Lublin, Supervisor of Green Areas, founder of the aforementioned foundation, and author of the unusual GUIDE FOR ARCHITECTS_EK AND ARCHITECTS_EK KRAJOBRAZU.

projekt Meandry Warty, widok na zejścia i mostki w części naturalistycznej

Meanders of the Warta River project, view of the descents and bridges in the naturalistic part

© Landscapes

With what tools to fight concretions? How intricate are the meanders of the Warta River? Will only moderation save us? You will be able to ask your intriguing questions on June 2, and in the meantime we invite you to a short Q&A session with Wojciech Januszczyk.

Ola Kloc: Where did the name of the studio come from?

Wojciech Januszczyk: The name comes directly from the scope of the business. Landscape architecture in a wide range of approaches. The team is multidisciplinary.

Ola: The studio is for us....

Wojciech: A place for creating space with complementing it with elements of art and culture. It's also education.

wnętrze pracowni wnętrze pracowni

interior of the studio

© Landscapes

Ola: What was your first project together about?

Wojciech: It was a standard private garden project. The studio is developing towards projects closing in the closed loop economy for only the second year.

wizualizacja projektu dla inwestora prywatnego

visualization of a project for a private investor

© Landscapes

Ola: The dream project is....

Wojciech: The praise of laziness. We will talk about it in an online session.

projekt Meandry Warty, miejsce wypoczynku

Meanders of Warta project, a place of relaxation

© Landscapes

Ola: Our favorite design tool is...

Wojciech: Discussion and deep analysis.

Ola: Does the team have any regular habits / rituals?

Wojciech:Wojciech's daily visits to each designer's workstation.


TheFestival of Open Architectural Studios is a companion event to the 3rd International Congress on Energetic Urban Regeneration. The partners of the event are:

SARP Krakow Branch
SARP Łódź Branch

elaboration: Ola Kloc

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