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Results of voting for the Audience Award in the St. Witkiewicz competition, 2022 edition

17 of January '23

Voting for the Audience Award accompanying the 11th edition of the Stanislaw Witkiewicz Małopolska Voivodeship Award competition organized by the Marshal's Office of the Małopolska Voivodeship and the Cracow branch of SARP ended on January 16. Who won the largest number of votes?

Awarded biennially, the Stanisław Witkiewicz Małopolski Voivodeship Award aims to appreciate contemporary architectural realizations that contribute to the protection and shaping of the cultural landscape of the province. For the 11th edition of the competition, 34 realizations were submitted in three categories: Residential Architecture, Public Architecture and Public Space, from among which the jury selected the winners.

In the Residential Architecture category, the Second Prize was awarded to Jakub Turbas and Wojciech Zagórski for the Tenement House under the Golden Scissors in Cracow, and an honorable mention was given to the +ARCHITEKTURA Maciej Kubicki studio for the Three Sheep project in Białka Tatrzańska.

In the Public Utility Architecture category, 1st Prize was awarded to the studio Biuro Projektów Lewicki Łatak for the Youth Astronomical Observatory in Niepołomice, and 2nd Prize was awarded to Alek Janicki and Mariusz Twardowski for the conversion of the Wrzos movie theater into the headquarters of the KTO Theater.

In the Public Space category, First Prize was awarded to the Lewicki Łatak Design Studio for the Pedestrian and Bicycle Footbridge from the dam to the Castle Hill in Dobczyce. Two honorable mentions were awarded to the 55ARCHITEKCI offices for the Forest Pier and Nature Path on Miejska Góra in Stary Sącz and the "Land Arch" Design Studio M. Tujko for the Weed Garden in Cracow.

The results of the jury vote can be found here.

Audience Award

This year, in cooperation with the organizers of the competition—the Marshal's Office of the Malopolska Region and the Krakow branch of the Association of Polish Architects- we have once again given the vote to our Readers as well. Voting on the A&B portal lasted from December 16, 2022 to January 16 this year.

Winners in the Residential Architecture category

In the public vote in the Residential Architecture category, the winner was the Multi-family residential building with first floor services at 3 Soltysowska Street in Krakow, which received 1,643 votes. The author of the project is Agnieszka Potoniec. Second place in this category with 809* votes went to the project Browar Kleparz (proj.: ABP s.c. Autorskie Biuro Projektowe T. Półchłopek, B. Półchłopek-Szczygieł), and third place went to the Multifamily Residential Building on Białoprądnicka Street in Krakow (proj.: Kubatura), which received 110 votes.

Budynek mieszkalny wielorodzinny z usługami w parterze przy ulicy Sołtysowskiej 3 w Krakowie

Multi-family residential building with first floor services at 3 Soltysowska Street in Krakow

design: Agnieszka Potoniec

*In the voting for the Audience Award in the competition for the Stanislaw Witkiewicz Małopolski Voivodeship Award, 2022 edition, there were violations of the rules and regulations affecting the result, which aroused reactions from Readers observing the voting process.

In the course of analyzing the results, we determined that in the voting, which ended at midnight on January 16, 2023, a person or a group of people who wanted to increase the number of votes for the Browar Kleparz project (proj. Autorskie Biuro Projektowe T. Półchłopek, B. Półchłopek Szczygieł), circumvented the voting rules allowed by the Organizer and, using a crafted link, increased (effectively for the result presented on the site, but leaving traces of interference) the number of votes cast for the said work. Incorrect votes cast in this way were respectively—on January 16: 715 incorrect votes, on January 17 (tampering with the base after the voting ended to change the position of the Kleparz Brewery project from second to first position): 168 incorrect votes. Therefore, after verification and correction of the correctness of the votes cast, the work Browar Kleparz finally receives 809 correct votes.

In the case of other works, no blatant violations of the regulations affecting the result were found, and no correction of individual cases of increased vote pools was made.

The work of Browar Kleparz is not disqualified and excluded from the competition due to the lack of direct evidence as to the perpetrator (IP hidden behind a VPN), but loses its leading position.

Winners in the Public Utility Architecture category

Among the nominated public buildings, the Smay building complex in Podlęż won the public vote. The project by the consortium of LC PROJEKT and EKOTEKTURA won 568 votes. In second place was the Three Sheep project in Białka Tatrzańska (proj.: +ARCHITEKTURA Maciej Kubicki), awarded by the jury, with 381 votes, and in third place was the Office Krakow building (proj.: Kubatura), which received 158 votes.

Zespół obiektów firmy Smay

Smay's complex of facilities

proj.: Consortium: LC PROJEKT and EKOTEKTURA

Winners in the Public Space category

The revitalization of Strzelecki Park in Nowy Sącz was recognized as the best public space project in the public vote. Anna Malek's Laboratorium Architektury project won 361 votes. Second place in this category went to Park Pokoju in Oświęcim (proj.: PAS PROJECT ARCHI STUDIO) with 223 votes, and third place went to Krakow's Weed Garden (proj.: Pracownia Projektowa "Land Arch" M. Tujko), also distinguished by the jury, which received 179 votes.

Rewitalizacja Parku Strzeleckiego w Nowym Sączu

Revitalization of Strzelecki Park in Nowy Sącz

proj.: Laboratory of Architecture Anna Małek

Thank you for all the votes cast and congratulations to the winners! Full results of the audience vote can be found here. A one-year subscription to A&B magazine awaits the winners of the audience vote!

compiled by: Ola Kloc

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