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Grzegorz Piątek is the winner of Polityka's Passport in the Literature category!

18 of January '23

This is the thirtieth time the Polityka Passports have been awarded! On Tuesday evening, January 17, at the Grand Theater - National Opera in Warsaw, we recognized the winners of seven categories: Film, Theater, Literature, Digital Culture, Popular Music, Classical Music and Visual Arts. In the Literature category, the Passport was awarded to Grzegorz Piątek for his book "Gdynia Promised. City, Modernism, Modernization 1920-1939."

ThePolityka Passports are one of the most important cultural awards in Poland, established by the Polityka weekly and held since 1993. The awards are given to artists who, in a special and unconventional way, contribute to the promotion of Polish culture in the country and around the world.

The winner of the Polityka Passport 2022 in the Literature category is Grzegorz Piątek   —a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at the Warsaw University of Technology (2006), architecture critic, publicist, writer, translator and curator. Co-author of the exhibition "Hotel Polonia. The Afterlife of Buildings" awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Architecture Biennale (2008). His books "Sanator. The Career of Stefan Starzynski" (2016) and "The Best City in the World. Warsaw in reconstruction 1944-1949" (2020) were awarded the Literary Prize of the City of Warsaw, "The Best City in the World" was in the finals of the Nike Prize. In 2021 he published the book "Indestructible. Bohdan Pniewski - architect of the salon and power". In his latest book, for which he received a Passport - "Gdynia Promised. City, Modernism, Modernization 1920-1939" (2022, W.A.B. Publishing House), he confronts the myths of the Polish interwar period, finding a fascinating hero in yet another city.

As we heard in the justification, Grzegorz Piątek was awarded "for an excellent story about a city, which poses the question of modernization. For a convincing deconstruction of the myth of the 'city of the sea and dreams' and the entire Polish interwar period." Polityka Passport was presented to him by last year's winner in this category, Lukasz Barys, and Justyna Sobolewska.

Broadcast from the Polityka Passports 2022 gala

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The winners of Polityka Passports 2022 in each category were:

  • Film - Jan Holoubek,
  • Theater - Jakub Skrzywanek,
  • Literature - Grzegorz Piątek,
  • Visual arts - Agata Słowak,
  • Classical music - Anna Sułkowska-Migoń,
  • Popular music - 1988,
  • Digital culture - Anna and Jakub Górnicki (Outriders).

Special Krators of Culture awards were also given to: Dorota Masłowska, Ryszard Poznakowski and Wilhelm Sasnal.

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