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Who will we visit during the spring edition of the Architectural Open Studios Festival?

04 of May '23

FOPA 2023 (spring edition)

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Is there a recipe for winning an architectural competition? What should we do so that the building we design has "that something"? Will only moderation save us? Look for the answers to these questions during the spring edition of Festiwal Otwartych Pracowni Architektonicznych, an event accompanying the International Congress Energy Regeneration of Cities (May 30-31). Which architectural offices will we look into this time?

Ahead of us is the eighth installment of FOPA, Festiwal Otwartych Pracowni Architektonicznych organized by A&B since 2018. FOPA is a unique opportunity to get to know the work of the best design studios in Poland and around the world from behind the scenes, to get a sneak peek at the way the architects and architects who work in them work, and to ask about their perspective on the profession. All meetings will be broadcast live on A&B's YouTube channel and Facebook page.

This time we will visit offices in Warsaw, Katowice and Lublin:

JAZ+ Architects
May 29, 1 pm

The festival will be opened by the JAZ+Architekci studio, which has been operating since 2010. On May 29 we will move to Warsaw's Ochota district to peep at the work of the team led by Julian Żmijewski and Andrzej Jaworski. And there is a lot to peep at, as the studio wins one competition after another, developing projects on a variety of scales— from exhibitions (including a concept for the main exhibition of the Museum of Photography in Cracow) through buildings to master plans for entire urban areas (including, among others, the development of the market in Trzebiatow). Numerous successes in this field led the office to expand its activities, creating three separate teams in 2021 — JAZ+Architecture, JAZ+Exhibitions and JAZ+City.

koncepcja przebudowy ulicy Wałowej w Tarnowie

Concept for the reconstruction of Wałowa Street in Tarnow.

© JAZ+ Architects

You can read more about the studio here.

KWK Promes

June 1, 1 pm.

We will spend the Children's Day in Katowice, and more precisely in the Unikato building, where the KWK Promes studio, run by Robert Konieczny, has its headquarters. Both the architect himself and the realizations of the office from the capital of Upper Silesia are appreciated and awarded around the world — the studio has been repeatedly nominated for the European Mies van der Rohe Award. Mies van der Rohe Award, and the Breakthroughs Dialogue Center in Szczecin was recognized as the Best Public Space in Europe in the European Prize for Urban Public Space competition, and this is just a small part of the team's long list of successes. The studio's portfolio is full of unique, modern realizations such as the architect's own house — Konieczny's Ark, the mobile Quadrant House or the latest realization — the Plato Gallery of Contemporary Art in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

Arka Koniecznego, proj.: KWK Promes

Konieczny's Ark, proj.: KWK Promes

Photo: OLO Studio | Illustrations courtesy of KWK Promes.

You can read more about the studio here.

June 2, 1 pm

We will end the festival in Lublin and for the first time in its history we will visit a landscape architecture studio. There we will visit an office with an unmistakable name — Krajobrazy (Landscapes) — run by Wojciech Januszczyk, a landscape architect famous for his out-of-the-box approach, who actively works to improve the climate, care for space and urban greenery. Wojciech Januszczyk is an employee of the Institute of Landscape Architecture at the Catholic University of Lublin, Supervisor of Green Areas, founder of the Landscapes Foundation, artistic director of the In Garden festival, and author of an unusual guidebook for architects and landscape architects, which he will talk more about during the spring edition of FOPA.

fragment projektu Meandry Warty

excerpt from the Meanders of the Warta project

© Landscapes

You can read more about the studio here.


Festiwal Otwartych Pracowni Architektonicznych is a great opportunity to see from behind the scenes what happens every day in architectural offices and personally ask the architects working in them about issues of interest to us. It will be the same this year — we invite you to the spring edition of FOPY and the 3rd IInternational Congress Energy Regeneration of Cities. See you there!

Partners of the festival:

SARP Oddział Kraków
SARP Oddział Łódź

elaborated: Ola Kloc

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