Results of the competition to develop a design concept for the spatial development of the market square in Trzebiatow

results of the competition

March 2023


Trzebiatów Commune, SARP Szczecin Branch




On March 30, 2023, we learned the results of the SARP competition No. 1030 for the design of the spatial development of the market square in Trzebiatow.

The organizer of the one-stage, implementation competition was the Trzebiatow City Hall in cooperation with the Association of Polish Architects (SARP) Branch in Szczecin.

The competition concepts were to take into account the function of the square and the spatial context of the surroundings. The concepts should emphasize the potential, usability and attractiveness of the square. The authors were asked to take into account the nature of the project and to fit in architecturally and urbanistically with the adjacent surroundings and urban landscape (the site belongs to the Old Town area). Concepts were to emphasize the functional and utilitarian layout of the market and take into account the economic and ecological conditions facing contemporary public investments.

Participants were required to take into account contemporary approaches to the design of public spaces, assuming innovation and an environmentally friendly approach to shaping urban interiors.

The newly designed development is to be created as a result of the implemented revitalization of the Old Town area in Trzebiatow.

The competition court composed of:

  • Marcin Brataniec - chairman of the competition court, competition judge SARP O/Kraków,
  • Sławomir Wunsch - referee, competition judge SARP O/Szczecin,
  • Prof. Zbigniew Paszkowski - competition judge SARP O/Szczecin,
  • Alina Rachanska - councilor of the Trzebiatow City Council,
  • Robert Rowski - Trzebiatow City Council

evaluated 26 submitted works, awarding First Prize in the amount of PLN 30 thousand to JAZ+Architekci studio.

Second Prize in the amount of PLN 20 thousand went to Toprojekt studio.

Third Prize in the amount of PLN 15 thousand went to Makowska Mużacz.

Three honorable mentions (ex aequo) went to the studios: MXL4 (Szczecin), Gierbienis+Poklewski (Cracow), Piotr Płaskowicki (Warsaw).

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