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Climate Regeneration of Cities. The 2nd edition of the international congress is coming in June!

05 of May '22

Regeneration, by definition, is a process in which a destroyed, degraded or damaged system, element, or even space, is rebuilt, reconstructed, regains lost values or structures. But is it possible to regenerate entire cities? How to carry out this process in the face of alarming climate change? What mistakes to avoid, and what examples to draw from?

Regeneration of Cities is an international congress organized for the second time by the City of Lodz and Open Eyes Economy, a platform for the exchange of experience and good practices. The motto of this year's edition, which will be held on June 7-8 this year in Lodz, is "Climate Regeneration of Cities."

The organizers of the conference have as their goal an attempt to create - on the basis of the experience of cities that have already taken measures to adapt to climate change in spatial, demographic, economic or environmental terms - recommendations to support adaptation strategies for national spatial and multi-stakeholder urban policies. The event will be held in a hybrid formula - it will be possible to participate both in person (on the premises of EC1 Łódź - City of Culture at 1/3 Targowa Street) and online. Architecture & Business is the main media partner of the event.

how to regenerate our cities?

A total of nine thematic tracks have been planned, devoted to key topics from the perspective of cities, including urban planning and architecture, with a total of 120 speakers:

1. urban agro-culture in the face of climate challenges.
2. Urban planning and architecture in the face of the energy transition.
3. Functional and spatial structure of the city and climate change - planning and institutional challenges.
4. Transportation and telecommunication systems under climate change.
5. Formation of new competencies as a foundation for the development of the regenerative city.
6. the city responsible for water.
7. Public transport and low-carbon zones in practice.
8. climate change and the operation of Urban Functional Areas.
9. City regeneration in light of health needs and climate challenges.

Invited guests include: Hanna Zdanowska, Mayor of the City of Lodz, Elisa Ferreira, Commissioner for Cohesion and Reform at the European Commission, Dr. Håkan Tropp, Program Director of the Stockholm International Water Institute, Bartłomiej Kisielewski of Horizone Studio, Member of the Polish Green Building Association PLGBC, Dr. Rafał Dutkiewicz, former Mayor of Wroclaw, prof. Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz, Chairwoman of the Advisory Mission "Climate Neutral and Smart Cities" at the European Commission, former Mayor of the City of Warsaw, Hubert Trammer, representative of the New European Bauhaus Round Table, Agnieszka Kalinowska-Sołtys, SARP Vice President for Environment and Climate Protection. environment and climate protection, Mateusz Mastalski of Henning Larsen Architects, Agata Twardoch, professor at the Silesian University of Technology, and Dr. Joanna Rayss, landscape architect, Rayss Group.

You can download the detailed program of the event here.

FOPA 2022 - spring edition

Traditionally, the congress is accompanied by the Festival of Open Architecture Studios organized by A&B - spring edition. As part of the festival, we host three architectural offices for three days, learning about the behind-the-scenes design methods of the architects and architects working in them. It will be the same this time, too - reserve your time on June 6 (on that day we will be invited to visit the thoroughly Lodz-based REFORM Architekt studio), June 9 (then we will also visit theDesign Lab Group office,strongly connected with Lodz ) and June 10 (we will move to Gdansk, virtually visiting the Sikora Wnętrza Architektura office) at 1 p.m. More information coming soon! In the meantime, we remind you of last year's FOPY accompanying the first edition of the Urban Regeneration Congress:


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