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ClueIN - a system that reduces energy consumption and adapts lighting to a person's natural biorhythm

12 of August '21

The smart lighting control system from Lena Lighting helps reduce electricity consumption and adjusts light to the natural human biorhythm, affecting comfort, safety and efficiency.

ClueIN is a solution designed for lighting the interiors of buildings. By analyzing factors such as the presence of people, weather conditions, time of day, or the amount of natural light in the rooms, it ensures that lighting installations are perfectly adapted to current needs and to the natural human biorhythm, which is closely dependent on daylight.

One of the advantages of the ClueIN system is the savings in electricity consumption. Combined with modern LED lamps manufactured by Lena Lighting, the system helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower electricity expenses.

The ClueIN control system makes it possible to program multiple lighting scenes depending on the estimated capacity of the traffic path and the investor's individual preferences. It provides the possibility, for example, of realizing the lighting of a warehouse alley, in which the light follows the detected object. It can also illuminate the alley or selected area simultaneously, manage the lighting time between the detection of successive objects, the rate of dimming and the target brightness level in the selected area. The user manages each scene individually and makes its activation dependent on factors such as the date and time, light level or detected motion.

The ClueIN system also provides adaptive lighting that replicates natural daylight, which affects a person's comfort, mood and well-being. It also adjusts light intensity according to the amount of sunlight provided. By setting the required intensity level of ClueIN lighting, we can be sure that LED light and sunlight will "mix" in the right proportions to permanently maintain the required brightness level.

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Saving on electricity consumption is no longer just a matter of reducing costs, but first and foremost a social responsibility, both in terms of caring for the environment, i.e. reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and ensuring safety and comfort at work. We spend more and more time in rooms with artificial light. The use of intelligent and high-tech lighting allows us to reflect natural light, which brings many benefits and becomes an extremely important aspect of caring for employees," says Tadeusz Talkowski, manager of Lena Lighting's IoT department.

Aperson's biorhythm is largely dependent on natural light. The color of light changes throughout the day, affecting our concentration and productivity. By matching lighting to the natural diurnal cycle, ClueIN impacts mood, efficiency and productivity while working or studying.

Human Centric Lighting is a concept that puts people and their needs first when designing lighting. Light has a great impact not only on our mood, but also on our concentration or efficiency. We produce lamps whose light almost perfectly reproduces the visible range of sunlight. Combining them with the ClueIN management system will help maintain our natural biorhythm, no matter where we are," adds Tadeusz Talkowski, Manager of Lena Lighting's IoT division.

ClueIn can be installed in all facilities, regardless of their area and nature. It will work equally well in warehouses, offices, service outlets or public facilities. Installation of the system is simple and non-invasive, and no wiring is required. ClueIN can be controlled both via a power switch and a mobile app installed on a smartphone, as well as via desktop or laptop computers.

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