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NEOLITH® Iron Collection

28 of November '19

Niccolò Cusano University is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in Italy. The campus is a historical monument, located in the northern part of Rome, and the materials and designs used are often found in classical architecture. When deciding to build the new complex, it was known that tradition and modernity should be combined.

To this end, architect Giuseppe Zaccariello chose the NEOLITH® Iron collection to preserve the building's originality and personality, combining three colors that perfectly evoke aged metal.

The client's specifications resonated with us from the moment we learned them. Creating a structure authoritative enough to pay homage to the university's prestigious past, while remaining modern enough to reflect its forward-looking vision, sounded appealing. Despite the increasing emphasis on digitization, we admire the university's concern for physical places of learning, the importance of which cannot be underestimated," says Mar Esteve Cortés, Neolith® Director

Iron Corten was chosen for its distinctive rusty tones and pattern of weathered metal, which perfectly highlighted the juxtaposition of the university's forward-looking vision with the heritage of the historic building that housed it. The lighter Iron Frost provided the backdrop for the new complex, while Iron Ash highlighted the other two patterns throughout the building. The exterior design extends to the interior. Iron Corten and Iron Frost models were used in the reception hall. Iron Corten was chosen for all countertops, pots and other elements, creating a unified vision for the building, both inside and out.

It was an extremely complex, yet exciting challenge. The most beautiful project I have encountered in my entire career. No one expected such an outstanding and impressive result. Thanks to Neolith, I was able to make my vision a reality." - adds Giuseppe Zaccariello, an engineer at Ediliza Mirimat.

NEOLITH® was also chosen for its natural composition and HYDRO NDD-2.0 design technology, a water-based decorative technique that significantly reduces the carbon footprint of each panel produced by traditional decorative methods.

For more information, visit the NEOLITH / THESIZE SURFACES SL page on the A&B portal.

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