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Inspirational very peri color reigns at FAKRO

22 of April '22

Color plays a very important role in everyday life. It has a huge impact on our mood and even on our feelings. It carries a powerful emotional charge. Color is power. That's why the Pantone Institute, which brings together a group of renowned color design specialists, has been selecting and announcing for more than 20 years the one that will be the guiding color of the year. The choice of color has never been and is not random.

It is always related to the current situation and is in line with prevailing trends. It is a reflection of desires and concerns, and a symbol of the global mood and changes taking place in the world. It is safe to say that Pantone's color of the year not only creates trends, but also directly results from them. The choice of the color of 2022, was greatly influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic. Fortunately, we are slowly coming out of a time of strict isolation, with full awareness that the lives of many people, as well as companies, have changed irreversibly. The virtual world has become closer to us than ever. The color very peri therefore reflects the merging of the digital and physical worlds, it is a new color, invented for this year.

Very peri is a bold color that was created by combining intense blue with purple and red accents. Blue signifies the gentleness and stability we all need at the moment, while red and purple accents promise new energy, change and an openness to what tomorrow will bring. The color of the year encourages bold change, offering tremendous creative possibilities that you just have to reach for.

How about FAKRO ARF blinds in the most fashionable color of the year?

FAKRO has always followed new trends, and often sets them itself. See how beautifully our intriguing roller blinds in the most fashionable color very peri are composed with a gray armchair. Plus a pillow in the same shade. Wooden furniture in a natural color perfectly completes the whole.

ARF roller blind is a unique decoration of the attic, and at the same time very practical. It perfectly protects from sunlight by providing shade to the room. Thanks to its use, even during very sunny days, a pleasant "darkness" can prevail in the attic at times when we need rest. The guides allow you to set the roller blind in any position, which allows you to smoothly regulate the amount of light you want to let in.


We assure you that a roller blind for a roof window in this season's color will enliven any interior and add to its uniqueness. Very peri fits into many arrangements. It looks especially good in elegant, modern glamour and art deco interiors. However, this does not mean that you can not experiment with it and use it for interiors in other styles. In classic interiors, the color can also be used in the form of accessories such as an armchair, sofa, lamp, or even the pillows themselves. Bold accessories will give the classics a fashionable touch. A light, delicate shade of very peri will work well in the bathroom and bedroom, those rooms where we relax. In the kitchen it will perfectly compose with white or gray. If very peri is combined with the color: green, gold, gray or brown, it will create an original comfortable arrangement and modern design. Unleash your creative energy and express your carefree confidence with color. You can go wild and add expression to the interior. Opt for the joyful presence of bold accessories in your home.


Remember to provide each room with an adequate source of light, which brightens and gives spaciousness to the interior. With a blind mounted on the window, we can control the light and cause changes in the mood of the room. Both natural light and color very peri, help to achieve a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also has a positive effect on the health and well-being of household members.

Get inspired with a FAKRO roller blind in very peri color, add energy to your interior and open yourself to change.

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