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INGARDEN - a communal, multi-family residential building made of wood

29 of December '21
Technical data
Category: Multifamily house
Author: Adam Zbroiński
Faculty of Architecture of the Silesian University of Technology
Promoter: Dr. Jan Kubec

Work submitted to the Halina Skibniewskaya student competition - HEALTHY HOUSE

The project includes concepts for a communal, multi-family residential building in Kamienna Gora, located at 25 Wojska Polskiego Avenue. The idea of the project is a building that draws inspiration from the surrounding wooden architecture of the Sudetenland, taking into account building in a low-cost and sustainable way, as well as providing residents with openness and proximity to nature.

The body of the building of classic volume with a gabled roof was divided into two separate parts. The first is the residential part providing different types of housing. The structure changes on each floor. On the first floor it is a direct entrance from the courtyard to apartments for the disabled. On the second floor, two-room apartments are designed. On the third, one-room apartments, while on the last, two-story apartments are accessed from the gallery. The selected configuration with 14 apartments includes 8 types with a floor area of 25.2 to 54.2 square meters.



© Adam Zbroinski

The second part of the building is a glazed, separate staircase - the main communication core, from which one enters the main volume of the building. This space, in addition to its communicative function, has a social function - a place to meet and establish neighborly relations. Glazing gives the possibility to form a winter garden, where you can freely configure the leisure space for residents.



© Adam Zbroinski

The facade also plays an important role. In the residential part, it is a wooden facade, referring to the buildings of hostels and guesthouses in the Sudetes. It brings one closer to nature and harmonizes with the surrounding buildings. In the communication core, the protruding wooden structure is a frame for vertical greenery, which not only benefits the residents of the building, but also becomes a kind of urban façade in Stone Mountain.

drewniana elewancja

The wooden facade is a rack for vertical greenery

© Adam Zbroinski

The building was designed using prefabricated CLT (cross-laminated timber) panel technology. Manufactured in specialized factories, the building's ceilings and walls arrive at the building lot and are assembled on site in just a few days. The aesthetics of wood construction in the interiors eliminates the need for finishing and gives the rooms a warm and cozy feel. Thanks to the reduction in construction time and the lack of need for finishing interior walls, the cost of the investment decreases. The use of wooden construction also contributes to reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

budynek został zaprojektowany w technologii prefabrykatów z płyt CLT

The building was designed using prefabricated CLT panel technology

© Adam Zbroinski

Adam Zbroinski

Illustrations: © Author

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