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"Project well laid 2023". Competition for the concept and visualization of spaces with Vjetra® paving stones

organizer: BRUK

The "Well-Plastered Design 2023" competition for visualizations of architectural objects using Vjetra® paving in their surroundings will start on January 26 during 4 Design Days. The prize pool is PLN 30 thousand, and the jury includes Aleksandra Grzonka, Przemo Łukasik and Adam Maroszek. {More}


The nationwide competition "Project well laid 2023" is the first edition of the competition, which aims to identify the most interesting visualizations of architectural objects with a proposal for the use of Vjetra® and/or V-Vjetra frima BRUK paving blocks in their external environment.

terms and conditions

The competition is open, one-stage and nationwide.

The competition is open to architects, femalearchitects, architects and interior designers, designers and designers, as well as male and female students of faculties related to architecture, interior design or design. However, the organizer does not exclude people who are not professionally engaged in architecture, interior design or design from participating in the competition.

The competition can be participated in individually and in groups.

The task of the competition is to visualize architectural objects along with a proposal for the use of at least one eco-surfacing system made of Vjetra® pavers and/or its V-Vjetra paving options in their external environment, according to the guidelines of the competition.

Each competition task must be submitted as a separate entry through a separate entry form, even if sent by the same person.

Each visualization must meet the following requirements:

  • the design must use at least one of the cube ecosystems included in the supporting materials,
  • number of shots from 3 to 5 - a general shot including the layout of the cube in the context of the architectural object, at least one general view of the scene from the perspective of a standing person, details of the cube layout,
  • the main architectural object of the scene must be the author's design,

The organizer excludes visualizations containing, among other things, montages with photos of objects provided in downloadable photo services.

Attached files should meet the following criteria:

  • minimum resolution of 2560×1440 pixels,
  • horizontal layout,
  • RGB color scheme,
  • natural colors (monochrome works are excluded),
  • saving files in.jpg or.png format,
  • the size of all files must not exceed 50 MB,
  • visualizations must not include any logos or watermarks,
  • maximum possible photorealism of works.

To enter the contest, you must fill out and submit the entry form[link] and attach the design to the entry form. The form is active for the entire duration of the contest.


The following prizes have been provided for the competition:

  • 1st Prize - 15 thousand gross zlotys,
  • II Prize - 10 thousand PLN gross,
  • III Prize - 5 thousand PLN gross.

Evaluation criteria:

  • compliance of the application with the regulations,
  • functionality of the cube layout(s) used,
  • general impression and atmosphere of the work,
  • realism of the work,
  • the overall architectural qualities of the work,
  • novelty of the project,
  • pro-ecological solutions of the project.


  • deadline for submission of works: from January 26 to March 31, 2023,
  • deadline foradjudication of the competition: April 21, 2023.


The evaluation of the submitted entries will be carried out by a jury, consisting of three persons:

  • Dr. Małgorzata Grzonka - Pracownia Architektury Cechownia,
  • Przemo Łukasik - medusa group
  • Adam Maroszek - co-author of Vjetra® paving blocks, expert of Bruk.

more information

More details and the application form can be found on the competition website.



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