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Competition for students - What can you do for forests?

organizer: WWF

The WWF has announced a competition to create a design for an outdoor installation that promotes sustainable forest management and forest management with care for nature. The competition is aimed at male and female students of art, design and architecture, as well as all creative people, fascinated by art, who are close to the idea of nature conservation.


WWF has announced a competition to design an outdoor installation promoting sustainable forest management and managing forests with care for nature.

"Nature conservation is becoming closer and closer to us, and in view of the changes that surround us, we are beginning to understand that a harmoniously functioning nature is crucial to our lives. However, in order to protect something well, one must first understand it - and we still lack this knowledge. As many as 93% of Polish women and men believe it is important to protect Poland's forests, but more than half do not know what sustainable forest management means, which is fundamental to the state of the forests. We are committed to making the public understand that a forest used in a sustainable way can perform all functions: ecological, socio-cultural and economic." - reads the contest website.

The goal of the contest is to educate the public and demonstrate that forests are not just furniture. The organizers want the installation to make the audience think and fit in with the campaign's idea - the forest is everything that surrounds us in life, all around us, including in everyday objects, and touch on the reasons why sustainable forest management and the use of certified wood are so important.

terms and conditions

The competition is aimed at male and female students of art, design and architecture, as well as all creative people, fascinated by art, who are close to the idea of nature conservation.

Participation in the competition consists in sending to a spatial design of an outdoor installation, presented in the form of a visualization, concerning sustainable forestry, which is in line with the BIG IDEA Brief and characterized by a high artistic level, usefulness and representativeness. The work must be printable in B1 format.

The project must additionally include:

  • description of the idea - what the project is and the idea behind it, what the author/author wanted to achieve, what reactions to evoke,
  • description of the technology of project implementation;
  • cost estimate for the implementation of the project - a cost estimate of the cost of implementation, including the purchase of materials, according to the amount of the budget (up to 35 thousand zlotys),
  • theinstallation should be year-round - this means that the implementation assumptions should take into account the use of appropriate materials (e.g., resistant to vandalism or the impact of weather conditions on the installation for the period of its display),
  • a condition for participation in the competition is the use in the project, among others, of materials made of wood and wood-based materials with a certificate from the FSC,
  • it is allowed to use other materials, not derived from wood and wood-based in a way that fits into sustainable design - within the framework of the three principles of sustainable development, i.e. fulfilling all functions - ecological, socio-cultural and economic,
  • the installation should make the audience think and visualize the message of the WWF campaign,
  • the installation may or may not fit into the public utility,
  • participants in the competition have full artistic freedom.

Each person can submit any number of projects, however, each project can be submitted only once.

Contest participants can contact the organizer electronically by sending an email to:


First prize is the implementation of the winning installation project in Warsaw. The author/author of the winning project will participate in the realization of the installation, exercising substantive and artistic supervision over it.

The jury also expects to award ten honorable mentions, which, together with the winning project, will be presented at an exhibition in Warsaw.


  • deadline for submission of projects - until April 2, 2023,
  • announcement of results - May 9, 2023,
  • implementation of the winning project - until November 30, 2023.

competition commission

Upon completion of the competition, the organizer will appoint a competition commission, which will select one grand prize and ten honorable mentions from the submitted entries.

more information

Detailed information and downloadable materials and the application form are available on the competition website.



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