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"Creative Scholarship of the City of Krakow 2023".

organizer: Municipality of Krakow

The Municipality of Krakow has announced a call for applications for the "Creative Scholarship of the City of Krakow 2023" competition. The scholarship for the realization of an artistic project can be applied for in nine fields, among which are architecture and design. Applications are accepted until February 10 this year.


The Creative Scholarship of the City of Cracow was established in 1994 by the Cracow City Council to support and promote Cracow artists and cultural promoters. The scholarship facilitates particularly gifted individuals to realize their original artistic projects and helps them develop their creative workshop or realize their dream project.

The subject of the competition is the realization of a project of an artistic nature or aimed at the dissemination of culture in the city of Cracow.

Applications can be sent in nine fields such as:

  • film, intermedia and digital culture,
  • visual arts and street art,
  • theater and performing arts,
  • dance,
  • music,
  • literature,
  • architecture and design,
  • folk culture, intangible heritage and care of monuments,
  • management, education and cultural animation, and support for the development of cultural personnel.

The winners and runners-up of the competition in each category will receive 25,000 zlotys gross for the implementation of the project between May and December 2023.

terms and conditions

Applications for the scholarship may be submitted by persons engaged in artistic creation, dissemination of culture and care of monuments. Only one application may be submitted, indicating a specific category. There are no age restrictions in the competition.

The scholarship can be awarded for the implementation of a project, divided into two categories: debut or creative project.

The scholarshipfor a debut may be awarded to an applicant who is able to document his substantive preparation for the execution of the project and who does not yet have an independent, in terms of legal and image, comprehensive, creative realization of a commercial nature available in the sphere of public reception appropriate to the art discipline.

The scholarship may be awarded for the implementation of a project, exclusively for a creative project. The competition is intended for people who have demonstrated achievements in the field to which the application relates, permanently associated with Krakow through residence, study, professional work or artistic activity.

The condition for participation in the competition is the submission of a correct application for the scholarship.

The application should contain information on the candidate's artistic achievements and education, indicate the field in which the scholarship is to be awarded, include a scholarship program specifying the purpose for which the scholarship is to be used, include substantive justification for the project, and include a plan for implementation of the program.

The application must be accompanied by the following attachments:

  • two recommendations with an evaluation of the scholarship project in terms of merit from persons with recognized achievements in the field, e.g., an artistic supervisor, a representative of a cultural institution, a creative association, a school, an art college, an organization dealing with the field, or art critics,
  • portfolio/documentation of creativity, printouts, photocopies up to a maximum of 20 A4 pages, and possibly additional materials that the Commission may take into account in evaluating the application, materials may be saved on electronic media,
  • for applications in the field of care of historical monuments - a statement to which institution/organization the documentation and results of the activities carried out will be transferred;
  • in the case of graduates and pupils/students of art schools and universities - a copy of the diploma of graduation from the university or art school/certificate of graduation/certificate of being a pupil/student,
  • statement submitted for tax purposes.

The application certified with a qualified electronic signature can be submitted electronically to: In the title of the message, please write "Creative Scholarship of the City of Krakow 2023". The total size of attachments must not exceed 5 MB. Portfolios, due to the large file size, should be submitted electronically using the electronic file upload page. The total file size must not exceed 5 MB. If the application cannot be sent electronically, the application must be sent by mail.


  • deadline for submission of scholarship applications: until December 10, 2023 at 3 pm
  • adjudication: will take place up to 90 days after the end of the call for applications.

awards and committee

The amount of the scholarship in each field is PLN 25,000 gross.

Formal evaluation of applications is carried out by employees of the Department of Culture and National Heritage of the City of Cracow. Criteria for formal evaluation are: completeness of the application, timeliness of its submission, attachment of required attachments, legible signature of the applicant visible on the application. Evaluation of applications according to the merit criterion is carried out by the Commission for the Creative Scholarship of the City of Krakow.

more information

Detailed information and application form are available on the website of the Public Information Bulletin of the City of Krakow.



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