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CEMEX Building Award 2021 anniversary edition launched

01 of March '21

The CEMEX Building Award competition
recognizes the talents and ideas of architects and engineers who have a vision for new, sustainable construction that aims to benefit current and future generations. For many years, the award has been given to the best projects in architecture and construction in Mexico and around the world - this year CEMEX is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the competition!

The CEMEX Building Award recognizes the best building projects, as well as the professionals who implement them. Awarded since 1991, the CEMEX Building Award is well established as one of the most renowned competitions in the field of architecture and construction. It honors works that are characterized by innovation, creativity, offer the best solutions for users, and promote environmentally friendly solutions. The competition helps to identify the creators of the best construction practices and solutions that are becoming the new building standards of tomorrow.

The CEMEX Building Award has been suspended in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, projects registered last year will be considered in the current year.

The 2019 Mexican edition of the competition recorded 874 registered projects, of which 17 works won awards, including the ITESM Campus Querétaro Bioengineering Center, the Central Pavilion in "La Mexicana" Metropolitan Park, the urban renovation of the Veracruz waterfront and the West II Emitter Tunnel in Mexico.

The international edition featured 32 projects from 14 countries, including the Congress Palace and Hotel Palma de Mallorca in Spain and the Surface of Water and Light in France, among others. A number of Polish projects have also been awarded so far, including the Tunnel under the Dead Vistula River in Gdansk, the Jordanki Cultural and Congress Center, the Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow, the PGE Arena stadium in Gdansk, the project for the construction of a protective breakwater for the outer harbor in Swinoujscie, or the Xawery Dunikowski Boulevards in Wroclaw.

For more information, visit Cemex 's A&B website.

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