Results of the competition for the best developed public space 2023

results of the competition

November 2023


Society of Polish Town Planners




For the seventeenth time, the Society of Polish Urban Planners has selected the best public spaces in Poland.

The primary goal of the competition is to shape the country's modern image by promoting the best completed urban planning and architectural projects, maintained at a level of quality that does not deviate from world standards in this field. The purpose of the competition is to promote solutions that create a new quality of Polish public space. The first nationwide edition of this competition was held in 2007 on the initiative of President Tadeusz Markowski. Starting in 2008, the Association of Polish Cities is the co-organizer of the competition.

This year 44 realizations from across the country were nominated for the competition. They were evaluated by a jury consisting of:

  • Tomasz Majda - president of TUP (o/Warsaw),
  • Aneta Tomczak - 2nd Vice President of TUP (o/Lodz),
  • Paulina Sikorska - treasurer (o/Warszawa)
  • Anna Pyziak - general secretary (o/Silesia),
  • Dorota Kamrowska-Załuska - General Board (o/Gdańsk),
  • Małgorzata Bartyna-Zielińska - main board (o/Wrocław),
  • Joanna Grocholewska - main board (o/Poznan),
  • Bartosz Bartosiewicz - main board (o/Lodz),
  • Monika Gołąb-Korzeniowska - main board (o/Kraków),
  • Jacek Godlewski - president of the Jelenia Góra branch,
  • Łukasz Mikuła - president of the Poznań branch,
  • Maria Oleszczuk - president of the Opole branch,
  • Dominik Drzazga - president of the Lodz branch,
  • Bartosz Czarnecki - president of the Białystok branch,
  • Anna Polska - vice-president of the Lublin branch,
  • Małgorzata Strzyż - president of the Kielce branch,
  • Jolanta Patalan - president of the Szczecin branch,
  • Ewa Pawłowska - president of Integracja,
  • Mateusz Piróg - editor-in-chief of,
  • Anna Nowokuńska-Maksymiuk - STGU board member,
  • Joanna Stefaniuk - Department of Urban Policy of the MFiPR Strategy Department.
  • Zuzanna Mielczarek - chief specialist for external projects and exhibitions of NIAiU.

The jury awarded a total of 13 prizes - 3 Grand Prizes, a Special Prize and 9 honorable mentions.

Awards were given in five categories:

  • revitalized urban space,
  • waterfront space,
  • revitalized space of a monument,
  • newly created space in greenery,
  • revitalized space in greenery.

A Special Award was given for innovative approaches in the design of public spaces.

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