Results of the student competition for the design of the Museum of Polish Sailing in Władysławowo.

results of the competition

February 2024


Gdansk University of Technology, National Maritime Museum in Gdansk, Society of Friends of the National Maritime Museum




An internal student competition for the design of a branch of the National Maritime Museum—the Museum of Polish Sailing in Wladysławowo—was settled in February 2024.
The challenge was organized by the Faculty of Architecture of PG together with the National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk and the Municipality of Wladysławowo.

The competition was aimed at male and female students in the first semester of their second degree program in Architecture, pursuing the subject Architectural and Urban Design I in the winter semester of 23/24 in the Department of Urban Architecture and Waterfront Spaces and the Department of Urban and Regional Design.

According to—the creation of the Museum of Polish Sailing has been talked about for years. Initially, the facility was to be built at the end of the Fishing Pier in Gdynia, but on August 22, 2023, a letter of intent was signed to build it in Władysławowo.

The goal of the student competition was to create an innovative architectural object with an exhibition function, which would become a new spot on the map of Polish sailing. The Puck Bay was chosen as the location.

The submitted works were evaluated by a jury consisting of:

  • Prof. Lucyna Nyka—dean of WA PG, chairman of the commission,
  • Dr. Robert Domzhal—director of the National Maritime Museum,
  • Dr. Fryderyk Tomala—Society of Friends of the National Maritime Museum,
  • Roman Krużel—mayor of Władysławowo,
  • Kamil Pach—deputy mayor of Władysławowo,
  • Michał Budzisz—architect of the town of Władysławowo,
  • Dr. Katarzyna Zielonko-Jung, Prof. PG,
  • Dr. Magdalena Podwojewska, prof. PG,
  • Dr. Piotr Marczak (referee, non-voting),
  • Dr. Elżbieta Marczak (secretary of the competition).

The jury awarded three main prizes.

First Prize and PLN 7 thousand went to the team consisting of Ewa Bombalicka and Alicja Jackowska for the AURA project.

Second Prize and PLN 5 thousand were awarded to Katarzyna Kiersztejna andBartosz Kaznowski for the BALTIC HORIZONS project.

Third Prize and PLN 3 thousand went to the team composed of Uliana Maczuga and Krzysztof Kąkol for the project WIATR W ŻAGLACH.

First Prize

Ewa Bombalicka, Alicja Jackowska

II Prize

Katarzyna Kiersztejna, Bartosz Kaznowski

Third Prize

Uliana Maczuga, Krzysztof Kąkol

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