Results of the Annual Polish-German Integration Award BDA - SARP 2023

results of the competition

September 2023


Bund Deutscher Architektinnen und Architekten BDA, SARP




At the end of September this year, the winners and runners-up of the Annual Polish-German Integration Award BDA-SARP 2023 were announced.

The competition is organized by the Association of Polish Architects and Bund Deutscher Architektinnen und Architekten BDA.

This year, the finals of the Annual Polish-German Integration Award BDA - SARP, along with accompanying workshops, took place in Poland from September 21-24, and for the first time the event was organized by the SARP Wrocław branch. Most of the meetings were held at the Museum of Architecture in Wroclaw.

The competition finale was held under the patronage of Martin Kremer, Consul
General of Germany in Wroclaw.

The BDA-SARP Prize is a continuation of the "Walter Henn Prize" competition for the best diploma thesis in industrial architecture, which has been organized for 19 years, with young architects and architects from Poland and Germany. At present, the competition includes master's thesis projects whose subject is the environment of human social activity in the future.

The aim of the Prize is to promote cooperation and environmental integration of young architects and female architects from Germany and Poland through competition and discussion, as well as exhibitions on architecture, and to foster mutual contacts by disseminating the results of creative activities.

The design workshops preceding the finals were held on September 22 at the Museum of Architecture under the direction of three architects: Agata Jasiolek, Szymon Ciupinski and Maciej Marszal. The challenge was to develop a concept for selected parts of the Museum building, grasping the issue from three perspectives: Science, Function, Feeling.

During the competition part of the Award, on September 23, also at the Museum of Architecture, 18 diploma works from Poland and Germany were presented . They were evaluated by a jury consisting of:

  • arch. Daria Kieżun (chairwoman of the Jury, SARP),
  • arch. Jacek Lenart (SARP)
  • arch. Marek Orłowski (SARP),
  • arch. Silvia Schellenberg-Thaut (BDA)
  • arch. Michael Kühnlein (BDA).

The jury decided to award the Grand Prize and three equivalent honorable mentions.

The best thesis was the project entitled. "German Institute for Photography: resilience of the specific" by Valentin Müller of Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, executed under the supervision of Professor Jörg Springer.

In turn, equal honorable mentions were awarded to:

  • Katarzyna Dybała of the Silesian University of Technology,
  • Jakub Dunal of the Silesian University of Technology,
  • Miriam Metz of OTH Regensburg.

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