Results of the student competition for the design of a kindergarten building with a nursery in Choroszcz and a fire station with a banquet and conference hall of the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Barszczew.

results of the competition

June 2023


Faculty of Architecture, Bialystok University of Technology, Choroszcz City Hall




The Faculty of Architecture at Bialystok University of Technology has announced the results of a student in-house competition for conceptual designs of a kindergarten building with a nursery in Choroszcz and a fire station with a banquet and conference hall for the Volunteer Fire Department in Barszczew.

The competition was organized by the Faculty of Architecture of the Bialystok University of Technology in cooperation with the municipality of Choroszcz and was aimed at third-year male and female students.

The competition was attended by 29 students divided into teams of two, and the projects were made under the direction of Dr. Robert Misiuk of the Department of Architectural Design.

The competition committee, composed of representatives of the Choroszcz City Hall, chaired by Mayor Robert Wardziński, and staff from the Faculty of Architecture at the Bialystok University of Technology, selected the best projects in two categories:

  • kindergarten with nursery in Choroszcz,
  • afire station with a banquet and conference hall in Barszczew.

"The projects are to be used by the local government to determine the feasibility of the areas designated for investment. They will be valuable material for determining the development strategy and for fine-tuning the utility program, the size of the facilities and the functional and spatial solutions. The competition topics were closely related to the municipality's investment plans, and their implementation in one form or another will be envisaged in the near future," explains Dr. Robert Misiuk.

The main prize for the kindergarten project went to Kamila Borowska and Izabela Domalewska.

The best design for a fire station was made by Jakub Galicki and Szymon Trzcinski.

Grand Prize in the category Kindergarten Design

Izabela Domalewska, Kamila Borowska

Grand Prize in the category of firehouse design

Jakub Galicki, Szymon Trzcinski

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