Honorable mention (ex aequo) — Veronika Majchrowicz, supervisor: Prof. Jan Slyk

Honorable mention (ex aequo)

Honorable mention (ex aequo)
thousand zlotys and 1 thousand zlotys for the promoter

Weronika Majchrowicz

"Functions of detail in contemporary architecture. Design of a residential house in a suburban zone".

Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology.

prof. Jan Słyk

author's description

The way in which architectural detail is formed creates the appearance of buildings, affects their perception and comfort of use. As an indispensable part of architecture, it is the subject of discussion in the architectural community, to fulfill its function and have its purpose. By many it is underestimated, exaggerated, considered a "crime", and devoid of decorativeness as too austere. Some believe it should stem from the material and technology, others use it as a tool for covering up. As a carrier of information about history, it witnesses the times and cultural changes of societies. Although it is sometimes lost in the way of transformations, it is nevertheless the place where architecture is created. The following work attempts to isolate the function and role of detail in modern architecture.
On the basis of the analysis carried out on the history, relationship with the material, relationship with the cultural environment, the various functions of the detail were distinguished. The made division and characterization of individual conditions were supported by examples found in objects of modern architecture.
The second part of the analysis focuses on examples of single-family house projects with special and unique features. The developed House, which does not only fulfill the primary function of shelter, but also the aesthetic and functional needs of the user, seems to be an appropriate area for consideration of detail. Nowadays, as an object predisposed to become a work of art, whose quality of construction and cost make it inaccessible to some social groups, it provides additional room for creative architectural manifestations. The case study provides a basis for summarizing conclusions in the form of design guidelines.
The design part is an attempt to create architecture according to a reversed design process - from the beginning of which the detail is assigned a place and roles, The design of a single-family house with a sculpture studio, is a pretext to try to implement the detail as a place where the creation of architecture takes place. The entire work was completed with a conceptual detailed drawing of the most relevant design details.

Jury opinion

The honorable mention was awarded for an attempt to create architecture by means of details in the context of a single-family house. In her analyses, the author tries to restore the role of detail lost in contemporary architecture. As the author herself points out, her work is the creation of architecture according to a reversed design process - from the beginning of which the detail has an assigned place and roles. The design of the house itself is only a pretext for the implementation of the detail as a place in which the creation of architecture takes place.

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