Grand Prix and Prize in the Facility category — SLAS ARCHITECTS

Grand Prix and Prize in the Facility category

Grand prix and award in the category Object

Expansion of the building of the State School of Music of the First and Second Degree in Jastrzębie Zdrój.


SLAS ARCHITEKCI Aleksander Bednarski, Mariusz Komraus

Justification of the jury:

The award was given for a comprehensive, coherent and clear concept including the construction of the architectural form, the interior of the building and the details. Despite its scale, the building seems ephemeral and transparent - it is fleeting and unreal. The ephemerality of the mass is emphasized by the deliberate use of shiny facade cladding, and its perfectly white, "joyful and light" interior of the audience-accessible part is in clear contrast to the solemn mood of the concert hall, which is dominated by black finishes skillfully "inlaid" with wooden textures of furniture and floors. The textures of the finishes and the minimalist but rigorous and consciously shaped detailing and give the facades and interiors a quality of simplicity that is at the same time surprising in its obviousness and sophistication.

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