First Prize — Magdalena Jagoda Architect

Results of the competition for the development of an architectural and construction concept for the Municipal House of Culture in Mikołów

First Prize
60 thousand PLN gross

Magdalena Jagoda Architekt

Jury opinion

The orthogonal body of the building made of brick and glass was carefully inscribed in the context of adjacent buildings and landforms. The project fully responds to the requirements set in the competition, properly arranging various functions in the body of the building and providing a good connection between the old and new parts of the house of culture with attractive internal public spaces of the right scale. The adjacent area was arranged in an interesting way with steps overcoming the difference in level, which penetrate into the interior of the building. The proper, centrally located auditorium was designed with attention to acoustic qualities and thoughtful separation of the paths of spectators, actors and stage staff. A large stage with a proscenium and lacing room will allow even demanding theatrical performances to be carried out. Natural lighting of classrooms has been provided.

In terms of energy efficiency and ecology, a whole range of modern technological solutions have been proposed such as a BMS building management system, heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, recuperation, rainwater recovery, automatically controlled external blinds and a number of others.

The competition court found unjustified the design of floor -2, where scaled-down technical rooms were located, which can be successfully placed, for example, in the basement floor of the existing building, without risking facing expensive work to secure the old part of the MDK and neighboring buildings as a result of their undermining to a depth of almost 3 meters.

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