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Fashionable architectural concrete effect on a facade with the new SL Concrete plaster from Dryvit

28 of March '24

Dryvit, an expert in thermal insulation systems and façade materials, is launching a new generation of plaster, SL Concrete, which allows to achieve the currently popular architectural concrete effect. The ready-to-use plaster, built on a base of silicone resin and marble aggregate, combines attractive aesthetics with excellent technical performance. The standard color palette includes six unique shades corresponding to current trends.

The new-generation silicone plaster SL Concrete, combined with Tuscan Glaze stain, makes it possible to achieve an original architectural concrete slab effect on the facade. This ready-to-use plaster is designed for outdoor use as part of the Dryvit ETICS building exterior wall insulation system and Dryvit Anti Crack Render (ACR) system used, among other things, when applied to existing plaster or when renovating facade insulation systems.

The characteristic texture of concrete with irregularities and abrasions is achieved through an improved, yet easy application of SL Concrete wet render, followed by the use of Tuscan Glaze stain once the compound is completely dry. This acrylic stain, used as a top coat, creates a durable coating on the surface of the plaster and further enhances its aesthetic qualities.

Kolorystyka tynku SL Concrete

SL Concrete plaster colors

© Dryvit

The innovative SL Concrete plaster, built on a base of silicone and marble aggregate, provides an excellent facade appearance for years. It is durable, thanks in part to its high resistance to impact and cracking, as well as dirt and biological corrosion. It is non-flammable, has hydrophobic properties, giving the facade a self-cleaning effect, while allowing water vapor to diffuse. It is available in a wide range of Dryvit colors, including grays, and in custom shades. Thanks to the use of high-quality pigments, even dark colors remain distinct despite the passage of time.

At Dryvit, we follow market trends. We use our knowledge and experience, as well as the possibilities offered by our production facility in Poland, to offer facade materials that are refined to the smallest detail in terms of aesthetics and high technical performance, while offering almost unlimited design possibilities to architects and investors. By using SL Concrete plastering, it is possible to achieve an original effect of concrete slabs on the facade, with texture, color and divisions corresponding to individual vision, " said Marta Wysocka, Product & Specification Manager at Dryvit Systems USA (Europe).

© Dryvit

The new SL Concrete plastering surface that is part of Dryvit ETICS and Dryvit ACR systems is available from the brand's distributors. When choosing a solution for a facade, it is worth taking advantage of support and technical advice from Dryvit's experts in insulation systems and facade materials.

For more information, visit the company's DRYVIT SYSTEMS USA (EUROPE) Sp. z o.o. page on the AiB portal.

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