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Consultations forced another change in Perun factory concept

20 of January '23

Up to three times a piece? After consultations with the conservator and residents, WWAA architects have once again modified the development concept for the former Perun factory. A multifunctional complex and public spaces are to be built in Warsaw's Praga Południe district, based on the so-called developer's lex.

This is the third development concept for the site located between Grochowska and Stanisława Augusta streets. The attractive plot, in the vicinity of Kamionkowskie Blonia Elekcyjne and Skaryszewski Park, is built up with historic red brick halls, where the "Perun" company, which manufactured welding equipment, had operated since 1913. The first project, prepared by Latergrupa Architekci, was presented in 2020. Overhanging the monuments, the block of mediocre architecture was met with crushing criticism from the local community.

pierwotny projekt

first concept from 2020

photo. investor materials

Another concept a year later was developed by the Warsaw office WWAA, which made a slight reference to the Soho complex under construction in the neighborhood. There was a partial breakdown of the development and a reduction of the masses, as well as a network of public spaces. Controversy still arose over the partial obscuring of monuments and the excessive height of buildings on the side of the intimate Stanislaw August Street. More about the previous projects and the controversies they stirred up in the article: Second approach to building a housing development on the Perun factory site.

Perun - wersja druga Perun - wersja trzecia

comparison of the second and third concepts


The third approach to Perun's redevelopment is again a WWAA project. As the authors of the concept and the developer assure, the changes are the result of agreements with the Mazovian Historic Preservation Officer and the local community, and the proposed new shape of the development better meets the needs of the neighbors. The design of the squares and plazas that will be created as part of the development has also been detailed.

Porównanie wersji projektu

axonometry of the premise and comparison of design versions

© WWAA, investor presentation

Since the beginning of the design work on the Perun Factory, we have been consulting with conservation services. We currently have formal recommendations from the Office of the Mazovian Provincial Conservator of Monuments, which refer to the urban layout and key architectural solutions. In the current design, we have also taken into account the demands of the social side regarding, for example, the number of parking spaces and the nature of the service premises - now more oriented to meet the needs of the local community ," explains Maciej Wandzel, co-investor of the Perun Factory

In the new design, the controversial overhangs and large gates that visually overwhelmed the factory's buildings are finally gone. The buildings were broken down into smaller blocks and their height was partially reduced. Instead of drive-throughs and gates, arcades with services have appeared in some of the new buildings. The new buildings will also repeat the outline of the former halls from the later years of the factory's development, perpetuating its history in urban planning. The height of the buildings has been lowered to five or six stories, referring more closely to the neighboring townhouses. The development will include 285 apartments and 20 commercial units.

Widok od strony ul. Stanisława Augusta

View from Stanislaw August Street


This solution will create a network of intimate streets, inviting people to explore the publicly accessible area from different sides - Mateusz Świętorzecki, WWAA.

The developer intends to arrange and donate half a hectare of square along the plot to the city. Its design is being developed jointly by the WWAA and Floral Gardens. The idea is to create three zones - an urban one on the side of Grochowska Street, an open space with a flower meadow in the middle of the establishment and two playgrounds.


site development project


Kacper Kępiński

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