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CPG Europe - a group of leading construction brands in Europe

11 of June '21

CPG Europe at a glance:
- CPG Europe unites Europe's leading building products brands such as illbruck, Flowcrete, Nullifire, Tremco, Vandex and Dryvit under a common umbrella, and employs more than 1,400 people across the continent.
- CPG Europe produces high-quality, specialized materials and technologies to meet a wide variety of construction needs - from sealing, bonding and thermal insulation, to flooring, fire protection, waterproofing and roofing systems, while providing service, support and technical advice.
- Such a comprehensive offering is rarely found in one place, from one manufacturer and supplier.

CPG Europe produces world-class solutions for the construction industry, including. seamless resin flooring, flooring systems for parking lots and garages, solutions for balconies, landings, terraces, window installation solutions, exterior thermal insulation systems, roofing systems, products for sealing facade joints, structural andcomposite, cementitious and mineral compounds, waterproofing for civil engineering, water and wastewater industry, underground and foundations, and fire protection products, including fire protection transitions and intumescent fireproofing coatings.

CPG Europe - a comprehensive range of building materials and technologies

Thehigh-tech solutions offered by CPG Europe address the complex challenges facing today's construction industry, such as durability, versatility, energy efficiency, while surpassing current sustainability benchmarks.

The CPG Europe team is made up of leading professionals in their fields who have the knowledge, skills and experience to offer tailor-made solutions when needed, providing support and technical advice at every stage of an investment that is related to the application of the group's products.

CPG Europe is made up of strong, recognizable brands, each of which is a leading expert in its field. They conduct research and development activities and offer specialized, high-tech products that are used in prestigious projects throughout Europe.

Illbruck, Elbphilharmonie w Hamburgu


illbruck is an industry expert with more than 60 years of experience, creating standards and introducing innovative solutions for bonding and sealing the joints of windows, doors and facades in energy-efficient and passive construction. The brand has numerous patent applications to its credit, including the illbruck "i3" three-layer system - the first complete layered window installation system in the light of masonry, and the illbruck MOWO system - the first complete window installation system in the thermal insulation layer on the market.

Its latest innovative product is the TP654 illmod Trio 1050 hybrid multifunction tape, which combines the airtightness of the best window membranes with the convenience of expanding tapes. illbruck materials and technologies have been used in many well-known buildings in Europe, including the Hamburg Philharmonic (MVRDV project). In Poland, they have been used, among others, in the Holiday Inn hotel in Warsaw and in numerous passive school projects throughout the country. The illbruck brand is a leader in technical training, and has been running the "Ambassador of Good Window Installation" program for years.

{Image@url=,alt=Posadzka of Q22 parking lot, Warsaw,title=Floor of Q22 parking lot, Warsaw}


Flowcrete is the market leader in resin flooring and a leading expert in the field. The brand has been present in the world for 35 years, and in Poland for more than 20. The brand's best-known products are Deckshield - a polyurethane resin-based parking lot flooring with a high ability to pierce cracks in the substrate, Flowfresh - a durable, antimicrobial polyurethane-cement flooring designed for, among others.among others for the food industry, and an exclusive and elegant ground and polished terazzo resin floor, Mondéco Classic. Flowcrete is a leader in developing and marketing innovative technologies. The brand's original Peran STB flooring has been setting the market standard in the industry for years, and a low-emission version with increased UV resistance has recently been developed for public facilities.

Examples of Flowcrete's resin flooring projects include Warsaw Spire, one of the tallest office buildings in Poland, where Deckshield garage floors were made on more than 73,000 sqm, or Posnania, where these floors were used on a total area of more than 110,000 sqm. And at the World War II Museum in Gdansk, Flowcrete's Peran SL floors, made over 4,000 m² in 12 different colors, are an integral part of the main exhibition.

The Zabezpieczanie sprayingZabezpieczanie sprayingZabezpieczanie spraying


Nullifire has been in existence since 1973. It is a leading expert in passive fire protection. This brand is the only one in the world to develop a hybrid intumescent coating for fire protection of steel structures(Nullifire SC900).

Nullfire products are used, among others, in high-rise buildings such as the Shard (designed by Renzo Piano) and other most famous buildings in London, including Tower Bridge.

System roofSystem roofSystem roof


Tremco is an expert in roofing systems and waterproofing balconies and terraces, some of the most demanding structures in the field.

Vandex concrete technology Technologia concrete usscienceTechnologia concrete usscienceTechnologia concrete usscience


Vandex has been in existence for more than 75 years. Under this brand, crystallization technology in waterproofing was developed and patented for the first time. Thanks to many years of experience , Vandex has the highest competence in sealing, protecting and repairing concrete, including in engineering, industrial construction, drinking water reservoirs and wastewater treatment plants.

The brand's solutions have been used in the Channel Tunnel and under the stands at the Roland-Garros Stadium in Paris, among others.

{Image@url=,alt=Liceum in Shipston, UK,title=Shipston High School, UK}


Dryvit is an expert in insulation systems and facade materials, and the brand's wide range of solutions offers unlimited possibilities for architects and investors. The brand has been present in Poland for more than 25 years. It was Dryvit that introduced facade thermal insulation systems to the Polish market, moreover, based on the brand's solutions, the Building Research Institute created guidelines for the evaluation of thermal insulation systems in Poland. Dryvit offers specialized high-quality products that in many aspects exceed the current standards such as Roxsulation Pro.


CPG in Poland and Europe

With a wide range of products and services, CPG Europe is a partner for the construction market in Europe. The Group manufactures high-quality, specialized building materials across the continent and supplies on a pan-European scale, as well as providing comprehensive services to investments and investors.

CPG Europe is a regional subsidiary of RPM International Inc. one of the world's leading building products companies for commercial and residential customers, headquartered in Medina, Ohio, USA.

CPG Europe's office in Poland, or CPG Poland for short, is operated by Tremco CPG Poland Sp. z o.o.

For more information, visit the company's Tremco CPG Poland Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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