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The charm and appeal of Laufen faucets

30 of July '20

LAUFEN faucets

Laufen faucets are the proverbial "dot over the i", because they complete the arrangement. They will especially work well in collections with a very distinctive design, for example, in combination with bathroom ceramics or bathtubs in the same design line.

Bateria Curveprime ©

Curveprime faucet

© Laufen

The Curveprime faucet series is very ornate and distinctive, and its line corresponds perfectly with Palace washbasins. A number of models of storied or wall-mounted basin faucets allow you to create a variety of compositions with the basins.

Bateria Kartell by
Laufen © Laufen

Kartell by Laufen faucet

© Laufen

Kartell by La ufen faucets offer a range of models. They come in a minimalist version, but are also available with a plastic disk that provides an additional shelf. The disk comes in a variety of colors, like bathroom accessories. You can find both universal, classic and trendy colors: amber, orange, blue, transparent, smoky gray, white, black, green, pink.

Bateria Val © Laufen

Faucet Val

© Laufen

Val faucet is a very distinctive proposition, and will certainly look best with Val washbasins. It is an interesting and unique proposition, which in addition features an ecological water flow rate of 5.7l/min.

Bateria Cityplus ©

Cityplus faucet

© Laufen

An important consideration when choosing a faucet will be the ecological use of water and energy. Laufen offers solutions that reduce water and energy consumption by up to 30% with a water-saving flow regulator, as well as water volume restriction (FlowControl). The sink faucet in the Twinplus, Cityplus zero and Cityplus series features an eco-friendly flow rate - 5.7 l / min. In addition, faucets in the Cityplus series are very versatile, and their spouts come in several lengths so that they fit many models of basins.

Bateria TwinPro ©

TwinPro faucet

© Laufen

Laufen also offers an economical version: the City pro faucet ideal for the Pro series. The faucet is equipped with an Ecototal head with the ability to limit temperature and water flow.

Laufen faucets have a long tradition, as in 2007 the company bought out the oldest manufacturer of sanitary fittings in Switzerland, the Similor company (founded by Charles Kugler in 1854), and just two years later a modern LAUFEN brand faucet factory was launched in Laufen. The faucets have a 5-year warranty.

For more information, visit the company's ROCA Polska Sp.z o.o. page on the A&B portal.

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